Enthusiasm versus experience  

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7/18/2006 9:12 pm
Enthusiasm versus experience

There are times in everyone's life when someone asks you to do something, and you say, "Sure, I can do that." Only problem is, you have never done it in your life, and you have no idea how. Whether it's learning on the job or trying to assemble that bicycle before the kid wakes up Christmas morning, we all substitute enthusiasm for experience at some point.

This is no less true in sex, especially when you're young. No one knows instinctively how to be a good lover; it's something you learn by experience, by fumbling fingers until you find the right spot, by learning the value of a good lubricant, by reading and watching and playing - hopefully a lot.

As a young man, I have to admit that I have a lot more enthusiasm than I do experience for some of the interests I profess. I enjoy receiving anal sex, but I've only had one partner I put enough confidence in to do that with. I like spanking, but not everyone is into it - so it isn't something I do very often.

But the subject I most want to explore, the thing I'm most intrigued in - is the art (and yes, it is DEFINITELY an art) of B&D. It's one sexual pleasure that I haven't done nearly enough and really want a willing partner to learn about it with me. Blame the college experience.

I went to a school that, despite being a high-tech kind of college, had a fairly good male-female ratio, about 65-35. I was lucky enough to live in a co-ed dorm, and even luckier to live in a dorm with a laid-back resident advisor. We were still subject to the whims of the RA next dorm over, though, a control freak who insisted on getting together for meetings and games and anything she thought might be "fun."

The first week of freshman year was no exception, except that it earned me a nickname I carried all through college. One of these dorm "mixers" included a little game that was called "Sexual Jeopardy." Games like this are where you learn who, supposedly, the easy girls and boys are. After all, who else would know what the most common STD is but someone who's had it?

So, the game unfolds as boys against girls, and for the most part, being a total knowledge geek, I know the answers. But I'm keeping my mouth shut because at 17, I certainly don't want to seem like a slut. But this question comes up and I just can't resist answering it.

"What is the act of tying up a partner with scarves or ropes for the purpose of heightening sexual tension?"

Me (about two seconds later): "Bondage!"

... and in this split second, the room goes dead silent and a virgin who was never in Boy Scouts, ties his shoes with loops instead of the "rabbit-through-the-trunk" method, is terrible at knots, and has never tied anybody up or down in his life, is suddenly beset by very strange looks.

"...Wow. The quiet, innocent-looking skinny kid from who-the-hell-knows-where in Mississippi is a pervert!"

Well, if you couldn't tell that, I'd say you aren't very perceptive. But it makes for a cute, story, don't it.

What do you want to explore? Has there ever been a time when you've made up for lack of experience with enthusiasm?

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