a friendly game of Pool  

rm_OnlyifitzFun 40M
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3/9/2006 1:30 pm
a friendly game of Pool

I have noticied that there seem to be enough serious-minded blogs (e.g. political and philosophical rants)- here's my offering of fun shit that happens to me (and things that happen to other folks)

After watching guy after guy hit on and attempt to pick-up this cute blonde number, I make my way over to talk to her. She's turned down every guy tonight, but I know I'm different. She's not my girlfriend or wife, but I know she's mine for the night. It's getting close to closing time. I knew she sould stick around for me- hell, I told her earlier in the night what her plans would be. She liked how they sounded. Up until this point, I don't remember saying a word to her in two hours. I waited. So did she.

Finally, every was out of the bar. It was easy to do. I kicked everyone out; I had the key and it was my show. Now that everyone was gone, I grabbed her close to me as we both sat on barstools and kissed and rubbed each other. She got off the stool and stood in front of me as she unzipped my jeans. I didn't say a word. She got on her knees as she pulled my jeans open and pulled my boxers down. I sat in pure pleasrue as she licked and sucked my hard dick. She was doing a great job. I would have given her a raise if I were her employer and she was staying late at the office to put in some overtime. She licked my shaft from base to top and swirled her tongue on the head of my cock like she was tying an imaginary knot on my dick. She made sure that every part received attention-I thought that she was going to swallow my balls at one point.

At once she popped up licking her lips and pulled her pants down. She turned around and grabbed a pool table with both hands stuck her ass and wet pussy out. I had no problem grabbing her hips, and thrusting into hard from the get. She wanted hard, too. Every thrust she begged for it harder and harder. I really thought she wouldn't be able to take it, but she was ready. Her ass slapped against me and balls were slapping against her for the next 10 minutes. I was starting to sweat and so was she. She hopped up on the pool table during one of the thrusts. I thought that something had happened to her. No, she just wanted to actually get on the table and lie down. I was ready to go (this wasn't my first pool table experience). I fucked the hell out of her. I came multiple times and so did she. It was a cum and fuck fest with this girl on the table.

The lesson to be taken away from this is that if you ever fuck on a pool table, remember that your knees will get a fabric burn from all the friction created between you and your partner's movements. Also, the slate on a pool table is cold and hard.

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