Why doesn't anybody want to just have cybersex?  

rm_OldCrow73 62
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1/16/2006 12:31 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why doesn't anybody want to just have cybersex?

I don't understand must people say they are looking for e-mail or chat and some even say they want erotic e-mails or chat but when you write them youdon't even get a reply.

I am an older gentleman who is married and isn't realling looking to have actual sex with another person, unles I get to know them and they really turn me on. I really would love to share erotic e-mail and chat with folks to get to know them and see if we havee things in common before charging head long into anyhting physical.

I guess I will just keep looking until I find those who really want to chat and exchange e-mail.


sassybelle21 33F  
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1/16/2006 2:19 am

Even if it's just erotic emails and chats, I am sure that people still want to find other people who are their type to write or chat back and forth. Maybe you're just not the ladies' type.

rm_OldCrow73 62

1/16/2006 3:25 am

That maybe very true, however if you don't talk how can you tell. Remeber "You should never judge a book by its cover".

But thanks for your reply.

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