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7/8/2006 10:20 pm

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Anam Cara

Anam Cara or Anamchara, pronounced (“ahn-im-KAR-uh” is an Irish (Gealic) word meaning “soul friend”. Anam means “soul” or “Spirit”, while Cara or Chara means “friend”.
In the Celtic tradition, there is a beautiful understanding of love and friendship. One of the fascinating ideas is the idea of soul love;
"Anam Cara" may sound like some new French perfume, but it actually refers to the Celtic spiritual belief of souls connecting and bonding. In Celtic Spiritual tradition, it is believed that the soul radiates all about the physical body what some refer to as an aura or energy field. It is thought that we search all of our lives for our Anam Cara.
When you connect with another person and become completely open and trusting with that individual, your two souls begin to flow together.
Should such a deep bond be formed, it is said you have found your "Anam Cara" or soul friend.
Your "Anam Cara" always accepts you as you truly are, holding you in beauty and light. In order to appreciate this relationship, you must first recognize your own inner light and beauty.
This is not always easy to do. The Celts believed that forming an "Anam Cara" friendship would help you to awaken your own inner light, your own inner friendship to yourself, your awareness of your own nature and to awaken your own passionate sense of the Divine, that embraces nature, divinity and the human world.
Your Anam Cara provides to you support, direction and guidance to help you grow spiritually. And truly touching the soul of another allows us to become Anam Cara.
The "Anam Cara" was originally someone to whom you confessed, revealing the hidden intimacies of your life. With the "Anam Cara", you could share your innermost self, your mind and your heart. This friendship was an act of recognition and belonging. When you had an "Anam Cara", your friendship cut across all convention, morality and category. You were joined in an ancient and eternal way with the "friend of your soul".
The Celtic understanding did not set limitations of space or time on the soul.
There is no cage for the soul. The soul is a divine light that flows into you and into your Other. This art of belonging awakened and fostered a deep and special companionship. When you love, you open your life to another.
All your barriers are down. Your protective distances collapse. This person is given absolute permission to come into the deepest temple of your spirit.
Your presence and life can become their ground. It takes great courage to let someone so close.
Where a friendship recognizes itself as a gift, it will remain open to its own ground of blessing... When you are blessed with an "Anam Cara", the Celts believe, you have arrived at that most sacred place.
In his "Conferences", John Cassian says this bond between friends is indissoluble: "This, I say, is what is broken by no chances, what no interval of time or space can sever or destroy, and what even death itself cannot part".

warmandsexy52 65M
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7/9/2006 3:34 am

This is a wonderful post. It rings so true to me.

So glad to have met you in Blogland. There is some fine writing in your blog.


HBowt2 60F

7/9/2006 4:11 am

It's not just lovers we have this connection can be friends too....

rm_corezon 54F
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7/9/2006 5:41 am

This is a wonderful post.

wickedeasy 68F  
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7/9/2006 5:43 am

i come via HBowt2 - smiles

but i do believe i'll stay awhile

the concept of Anam Cara speaks to me - especially now when i have friends who are troubled - when i am troubled.

thank you for writing this -


You cannot conceive the many without the one.

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7/9/2006 6:07 am

Thank you, very lovely blog.. thanks to hbowt2 for leading me to it.. i have a friend that is Anamchara.. and he holds true to the definition xoox k

Peace xxx K

runzwithknives 61F

7/9/2006 7:44 am

Great post.
Your Anam Cara provides to you support, direction and guidance to help you grow spiritually....your friendship cut across all convention, morality and category...
So very true and you have no idea how much this speaks to me right now with the journey I am on...
I have two who are Anam Cara and I am also blessed to have them in my life.

moo_nips 58F

7/9/2006 3:09 pm

There are things in the Hindu traditions where similarites strike the gong...of course leading into Tibet, and that particular land of wise souls.

As for Christianity, one cannot find a wiser heritage that the ancient land that became some know, if Ireland had not sent out missionaries in to "england" and what would be france, beginning about 500 AD....most of us would not be Christians now...a fact..

And there are scrolls..oh yes..the scrolls word...that indicate that the teachings of Jesus were much more in depth that we are led to believe...perhaps the Irish are the only ones that retained this past 500 AD...personally, I believe

runzwithknives 61F

8/30/2007 11:48 pm

I am so glad you made this sticky. actually it was why I stopped back tonight...I've kept it bookmarked all this time. And again, it has special meaning for me.

runzwithknives 61F

6/10/2008 1:57 am

I hope you are well. Love & Light *smile*

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