My favourite session with her  

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4/2/2006 7:30 am
My favourite session with her

The best time we have ever had was when we went to love hotel in Uguisudani. As soon as entered the elevator she ripped open my jeans and pulled my prick out giving it a quick suck before the door opened. We moved into our room and she forced me back onto the bed, making me think, 'Ahhh ... something different today'. From her bag, she pulled out 4 pieces of rope, 'You've been a bad boy, now it is time for me to put on a show for you ... ' with the most suggestive smile I've ever seen from a person.

She climbed on to me, pulling my clothes off, kissing me all over, making her way up to my hands, tieing one wrist to the bed, then the next. Suddenly she gave me prick a quick jerk and twisted it, making me yell out in real pain, but she only laughed, 'Gaijin slut!', she whispered in my ear. If I had heard that on the street from anyone else I would be furious, but from her, it really turned me on. She turned around tieing my feet to the bed, now there was nothing I could do, and she could do anything she wanted to!

She got off the bed and started to slowly strip, fondling her own body, stroking her pussy as her panties came off, and rubbing her tits, putting on the best show for me. I was rock hard, I thought I was going to cum. She climbed back on to me, kissing and massaging me all over. I really wanted to lick her pussy but she wouldn't let, just teasing me, putting it in front of my mouth then pulling it away, but fingering herself ever so slowly ...
To be cont.

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