In the bath ...  

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4/4/2006 5:59 pm
In the bath ...

We walked hand in hand to the bathroom, and from behind I gazed at her perfect arse, it was so nice, and I still often think of it. As we entered the bathroom, she let go of my hand to get the bath filled up. At that moment, I just really wanted to fuck her again, so as she bent over, I stood behind her and pushed her back down a little, while my other hand found her cunt for my cock.

I think she was more than a little startled by this, but as soon as my prick entered her pussy I saw her head shoot up, and she let out a gasp. In retrospect, I think that position with her strung out over the bath, with only her hands there to support her, was probably very uncomfortable, but I think it also made the sensation more intense for her.

My hands grabbed the sides of her waste, and I went to work, trying to penetrate her cunt as deeply as possible, every time I went in, she let out a little squeal. I was memorised by the entire situation, having this woman in the exact position I wanted, watching my cock go in and out. Once again, I told her I was about to cum and she said she wanted it in the mouth again, which I think she enjoyed more than cumming herself, strange as it may seem. She asked if she should turn around, I told her to, which she did, taking my entire cock into her mouth, one hand gently massaging my balls, and the other hand went to my arse, her finger exciting me there.

Once again, my entire load went into her mouth, and she lapped up every drop of it, and licked and massaged my balls for a few minutes after. To make her cum, she lay on the bathmat, and tongued her out again, taking my time, going as slowly as I could. She was working her way into a climax, so she told me to go faster, so my tongue with the help of my fingers went as fast as it could. She gave me the dreaded, 'tap on the shoulder' telling me that she had cum. I don't know about you other guys, but I've always disliked that tap on the shoulder, it seems to be a very anti-climatic way to end it ...

We jumped in the bath, me first, then she came in relaxing on top of me. Both of us chatted about various thing, all the while my hands playing with her tits. Apparently her husband wasn't very exciting as a parnter, so when we both stumbled into this situation she wanted to grab it and see what would happen to her own life.

I'll write more later I hope. I'm trying to start my own company here in Japan now, so I need to do some work on it. For all those reading, I'm sorry about more poor writing skills as this is the first time I've done something like this. However I hope my skills will improve over time (but don't count on it!! haha)

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