First affair cont.  

rm_NiceOzzie 52M
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3/16/2006 7:49 am
First affair cont.

I've never got so hot just from kissing someone before. Eventually we had to stop as she needed to go home, but we made plans for me to go to her town and meet again in a few weeks.

Eventually time ticked around and I made my way to her place, where she picked me up in her van. She picked me up and she was dressed pretty modestly, a knee-length brown skirt and a white blouse. My hand went straight between her legs as I jumped into the van. Her legs closed right up and she yelped a little, out of surprise, it was hard for me to move my hands around, they were so tight.

Eventually she relaxed and I could get my hands up her skirt more, rubbing her cunt. She said liked it, but it made it hard for her to concentrate on the road. Eventually after driving around for a while we found a place to make out. She put up towels around the van to block the windows and we climbed into the back where she already had the seats down, arranged like a bed. She went straight for my cock, ripping it out of my jeans. Without doubt, she could give great head, taking the cock right down into her mouth, moving it back and licking it, sucking really hard. While she was sucking, I was having a hard time in the small space to get her out of her skirt, which eventually I did.

Then we settled into a 69 ...

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