Where will it come from today?  

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4/2/2006 7:43 am

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Where will it come from today?

So I'm sittin here having sex with myself and starting an "adult oriented" blog. I have one at the Hightimes personals also under the alias Jeidbones. Feel free to chec it out. Oh, my name is Jeremiah by the way and I live in the little shit-hole-out-of-the-way town of Canton, SD. And let me tell you all this, the "ass reserves" in this town I believe I've tapped out aside from all who were "tricked" into thinking I'm an asshole from my ex (who i spent 5 1/2 yrs with). But then there's Sioux Falls which happens to only be 20 min away.
I'm close to cumming now. Shhhh, do you hear that? I think somebody's coming upstairs. I guess I'll put it away for a bit. Dammit! I was so close.
So I've been checkin out this Online meeting garbage and so far I've actually met 3 girls on the net and had sex with 2 of em. 1 b/c we came to find we had totally conflicting personalities. I'm the party-all-night-break-the-fun-meter type and she's the go-to-bed-at-11-drinks-once-a-year-type. A totally akward mess that date was. She said," I think we should still hang out cuz your really cool and hot but...." you can about imagine the rest. Needless to say I've never called her since. She made that easy for me to do though.Anywho..
Last week sometime was the last time I got laid. Me and my friend Brittany have and arrangement, you know the type: sex whenever, nothing ever gets wierd, if it does it's done. So far it's working out splendidly. But this is the biggest gap between times and I'm super fucken horny! It's also Sun and where the hell am I gonna go find some hot-shameless-no-strings-attached-sex today? Any ideas out there?
I've one idea. This! Ahhh it'll probly never work though, all I can do is wink at people, and I can't justify myself to pay for this sight. Oh, looks like the roomate just left the house, that's means I have some unfinished business with a certain 9 in. bald-headed champ..... till next time.


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4/2/2006 9:32 am

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