F**KED up folks in Redding  

rm_NewJD05 46F
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9/3/2006 12:58 pm
F**KED up folks in Redding

did you ever wonder why people are the way they are?

I did last night when I was at rumors and everyone acting like drunken idiots. They couldnt control themselves especially after a couple of drinks.

what is it about the people here in Redding that they think because a person isnt perfect they get to make them feel like CHIT.

I have been out having fun dancing three weeks in a row.. three nights a week.. and because of whatever reasons I have only been asked to dance like 4 times.

Oh well, I am not that upset about the BS. I just wish everyone would treat others like they would treat there family and have others treat them, but, unfortunately, it seems like the majority of people here are selfish, confused, ignorant humans.

Although NOT everyone, I have met a few good people here after moving back to Redding 3 months ago. To them and other Redding people that arent like what I said above... THANK YOU!!

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