Nine Days and 43 Years Part VI  

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Nine Days and 43 Years Part VI

Bill and Maggie Take A Drive

Bill and Maggie spent all Saturday together and then part of Sunday together. Bill was getting ready to take Maggie back to Laramie when Bill begged Maggie to stay and marry him right then. He didn’t want to spend another minute, hour or week without Maggie by side. She agreed on one condition….if Sylvia would let her stay Sunday night then they could get married the next day. Bill asked Sylvia if she would let Maggie stay one more night so that he and Maggie could marry the next day. Sylvia agreed and thought it was very romantic that Bill and Maggie were going to elope.

Maggie called Don and told him she was going to stay in Wyoming and marry Bill so he didn’t have to pick her up. Don insisted she call and tell her parents and Maggie agreed. Maggie knew her parents wouldn’t forgive her if she didn’t tell them her plans. Plus she needed her parents to ship her stuff from her apartment to her. Maggie called her parents but they weren’t home. Maggie spoke to her eleven year old brother and told him to tell their Mom and Dad that she had called. Maggie was very relieved her parents weren’t home because she knew they would try to change her mind about eloping with Bill. It would be much better this way Maggie thought if she could tell then when it was a done deal.

Bill discovered that the closest place they could marry was Casper, Wyoming’s district court house. Casper was over a hundred miles away. Not a tremendous distance but still a good drive. Plus there wasn’t a waiting period in Wyoming so they could marry right away. Bill was so relieved but he was also very worried. He knew he had to buy Maggie a wedding ring but he didn’t have any money. He had spent all his money the week before on fixing his truck and getting Maggie the bus ticket. Bill almost decided to ask Maggie to wait until the following Monday after he got paid Friday evening. Bill discussed it with Maggie and she said she had brought plenty of money and she would buy their rings.

Bill and Maggie drove to Casper and found the courthouse and a jewelry store. Maggie bought two simple white-gold wedding bands and then they went to the court house. Maggie was dressed in a full skirt and pink sweater. Bill was dressed in his best clothes, the same shirt he had met Maggie in the Friday before. Maggie was giddy with excitement while Bill was nervous and jumpy. Both knew they were taking steps that would change their lives forever.

(Tomorrow we have the wedding)

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To My Readers:

Sorry I skipped a day or two. I haven't been feeling well, my right arm and should have been bothering me. Because I skipped a couple of days I thought it was only right to have two posts today.


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ok,kid, were still here. glad your bakc.


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...take your time...write when you're healthy. You know you're worth waiting for....

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