Should I?  

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2/16/2006 10:37 pm

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Should I?

This has been an interesting day indeed. We went down to visit a client today, I've only met some of the administrative type people previously but had the chance to meet some of the scientists today. One particular guy was kinda gagga over me. First he was a bit tongue-tied and then he told a bad joke, like he was trying to show off his sense of humor, but pulling it off badly. Nerdy, but kinda cute that way.

And when "W" left the room he asked me what I did and asked if I had just joined "W's" company. No, I said I'd been there a year and a half. And then "W" returned and the conversation was cut short. I got the impression that he wanted to know all about me. He gave me his business card...with url. I told him I was going to evaluate his site. He was quick to explain that he was keeping his side-business low-key for tax purposes, that the site was just something he threw together. Heh...funny...

I don't feel as if I'm all that striking...but I do seem to get a lot of attention at times.

I can't believe I've missed out on the opportunities I've been presented as of late. It took me a long time to find my true call...and to discover that I was drawn to others who excercise their minds as I do. While my ex husband is not an idiot, it was the lack of intellectual stimulation that ultimately killed my marriage. When I found the Internet and began to meet people who were more interesting, the marriage was doomed.

I talked with "A" on the phone earlier this evening. It had been a week since I last heard his voice. He's got a great sense of humor and I know I'd have a lot of fun with him, both innocent and naughty. I've thought a lot about meeting him...was planning on the weekend after next.

And then I talked with "J" just a bit ago. And he is everything my active little imagination thought he'd be. A reserved way of speaking...a quiet laugh...and a very sexy voice. And I was able to talk with him about a variety of things...yet felt I could say so much more. I wanted to know more about him as well.

So...I'm a bit torn. Is it fair to continue to chat with both and eventually meet both? Not put all my eggs in one basket? I'm not used to's been 13 years since I've done so. Fly-by-night relationships are best left to the folly of youth. I want to be sure of what I'm doing and who I'm meeting...because things so often go off with a bang.

Explanation of pic: I ordered a pizza, which is supposed to be round. What I got was a squished to one side clump o' pie. The kids still ate it, but I got another pizza for free after complaining.

toothysmile 52M
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2/17/2006 7:30 am

yes, it 's fair...
now, er... may I have a slice? ...


loadeddice05 45M

2/18/2006 7:25 am

Why put limits on whom you should speak? Or even meet? That always leads to boredom! Boredom, lack of intellectual stimulation isn't that where your marriage went bad? Live girl! Live! Sorry can't eat pizza! That lactose thing!

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