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3/4/2006 1:45 am

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"W" kept me quite sated this week...great sex, passion...he was very attentive in so many ways. My body's kind of sore in several places...I like that. Still, I feel like something is missing. Why is it that he puts forth the most effort when he knows I'm chatting with people? He let me cool my heels for a month, then as soon as I announced I had a date planned, he used words and sex to win back exclusivity. I have to remind him that guys kinda dig me and if he doesn't want me, I'll find someone else. Whether it's meaningful or not is beside the point.

Is chemistry online real? I've chatted with many men over the years...some I just enjoy as friends, rarely, I'll find someone who makes an impact. And it's always immediate, within a few emails or chats. There is just something about them that gets to me...haunts my thoughts, my mind wanders...I only hope that the smiles that come unknowingly to my lips go as unnoticed as the deep ache and throbbing that stirs below.

Perhaps "W" does notice hence the attentiveness. Is it bad to set the most obnoxious tone possible for TM notifications? hehe... Actually, I have it set to vibrate, but he most certainly catches me typing furiously...as much as one can on a phone. And then he makes snide remarks, "I know I'm boring you, I'm not as exciting as a TM" among them. lol...I guess that he's jealous...yet it seems to benefit my cause. Really selfish...stupid game. Why can't romance be easy?

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loadeddice05 45M

3/4/2006 7:37 am

Romance???? Is there such a thing??? Anyways! sometimes you gotta add it up! Attention!, when you have all this attention from other men? Of course it's jealousy! And it's not productive to either of you if your gonna make a serious go at it!!!
If you feel somethings missing!??? That should tell ya something!
Anyways! gorgeous! Chemistry has to be a personal thing!! I mean you can love my sarcastic attitude, my Rudolph Valentino charm, my incredible knowledge of the female body, and my ability to make you cum again and again over the computer! LOL! HAAAAA! HAAAAA! But could we live together? How could we know online???? Bye! You never said what you thought of Kirk Hammet and his ax???? (evil grin!)

Sorceror07 55M

3/4/2006 10:37 pm

why isn't romance easy? ....nothing worthwhile is easy, nothing that can be truely appreciated is easily obtained.

...That which does not kill me merely pisses me off!...

Sorceror07 55M

3/4/2006 10:40 pm

<--- is being confused with kirk hammet? i'd rather it be zakk wylde... he plays a les paul at least! well, so does kirk (sometimes) but mine is more customized heheh!

...That which does not kill me merely pisses me off!...

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