Sorry, more controversy  

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Sorry, more controversy

Wow, I was reading today some blogs by frogger, and from her blog got around to [blog VoodooGuru1]'s blog, and read his article. I can't believe how much u hit it right on the head, Voodoo, I hope u get around here to read mine once in a while. One thing was brought up that I have to comment on though, and that is that when I'm looking for a girl, it's important to me that she is on the same political side as me. My sister once told me that I'm never going to find a girl that agrees with all of my views on every topic, but I do have to find one that agrees with the important ones. My brother and his wife set me up with this girl from their church (he's a pastor in a very very conservative church. needless to say, he doesn't know about my online actvities) She was a nice girl, moderately attractive, but it didn't work out, and I could never put my finger on why being around her annoyed the hell out of me. After reading voodoo's post, I realized that a lot of it was her political views. She voted for bush, and when I asked her why, she said because she didn't like how kerry looked. She didnt care about the views, just didn't like how he looked. Now to me that was unacceptable. If you don't have a valid reason for voting one way or another, why bother voting? her response was, "its our civic duty" yeah, it is, but its more of our duty to make a well thought out decision. I don't think I could ever be in a relationship with someone who approved of w's decisions.

Moving on, with the current news of the patriot act, the renewal, and of course the news that the prez approved the forgoing of the 4th amendment, I have to comment about it. he did something illegal, he gave the order for the 4th amendment rights to be done away with for thousands of people. if Clinton had done that, he would have been impeached before the newspapres hit the sidewalk. but bush? nope, he'll get away with it. he'll make up something about how it had to e done, and how many millions of lives were saved. the family is so corrupt, and he has gotten his buddies so much richer at the expense of americans, that he'll get out of it.

Another intersting fact:
This month, the US will import more food than we export, for the first time in our history. What that means, is that for the first ime in history, the USA is not producing enough food to feed all of its citizens. Why? well, it's a combination of things. now, I don't fully consider myself a democrat, and this is one of the reasons. Extremist environmentalists, which although not always, have a tendency to be dems, have banned useful chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, and other needed or useful materials. They've also gotten laws passed which make it very expensive to farm. Now, I don't agree with the "if u have enough money you don't have to worry about killing off the environment" policy that the republicans have, but some people go way too far in getting laws passed that make it difficult to farm, or produce vegetables. But, as production cost went up, so did the price, so things worked out ok.
These things were manageable. It made for more difficult work and less money for farmers, but we got by. Then, the damned republicans cut farmers aide, and subsidies. I don't agree with paying farmers to not grow crops, but in reality, that rarely happens. It's not a major source of government funds like some people will tell you. So, now that farmers were surviving but having a harder time of it, the damned reps made it harder for them yet, doing much more damage than the dems ever did.
Now, the damned reps decide to open up borders, allow other countries to import their produce and other products into our country cheaper, and easier than ever before. Because other countries can use toxic chemicals like DDT, as well as chemicals that are so toxic they never even made it into FDA testing, they can produce veggies cheaper than we can. and sell them cheaper, so they do. So, the price goes down, to the point that American farmers can't even feed their families anymore. So, farmers go bankrupt, and move to the city to do something else.
So, what happens if the trend isn't reversed? well, remember the famine in Ireland a long, long time ago. Expect something similar. What would happen if, all of a sudden, the countries that sell us food decide that they don't like our foreign policy, and stop sending us food. lower and middle class people start starving to death. How did we get into a situation like this? A small part of the blame goes to environmentalists. A much larger part goes to the people that have said it's ok to but food that has harmful chemicals on it from someone else, but not from us. Solution? DON'T BUY PRODUCE FROM OTHER COUNTRIES UNLESS THEY FOLLOW THE SAME ENVIRONMENTAL RESTRICTIONS WE DO!!!!
Another thing that pisses me off is organics, but I'll talk about that in another post, this one has gotten long enough. Oh, and please leave a comment, even if it just says hi, so I can see who's reading this post. Thank you.

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