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12/15/2005 11:16 am

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Well, I've done a number of the posts where I expected people to get ticked at me, or yell at me, and I just tried to get a reaction, but that didn't work, so I'll resort to posting about my boring life. Last night I had an amazing conversation with a lady from here, you know who you are, and she was so hot to listen to, and I loved hearing her cum. A few days ago I cleared all the porn off my computer to make sure that noone else could find it, which sucks when I'm really horny and have the time to do something about it. So, I'm forced to use more of my imagination, not as much visuals. Oh well, I guess I'll survive for awhile. Anyway, I'm here at work, between projects, and the girl from last night is chatting, making me horny. She really wants to get me so hot I'll cum in my pants here at my desk, but I don't think she will, noone ever has before.
Anyway, I have to go because my boss just gave me a new project, which is gonna suck, and take a very long time. A very long time. So, I better get started.

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12/17/2005 1:53 am

Thanks for making me feel special

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