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5/17/2006 9:39 pm

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Time to update the players and their chances of being Ms. FIRST...

Ms. X2B - divorce is going great. She's been very friendly, but has shown no remorse or any interest in saving our marriage. I guess it is as over for her as it is me. 0% Chance.

Ms. Drive - a few conversations here and there, but no forward progress. We've discussed meeting, but there's too much going on here to go elsewhere at the moment. 25% Chance.

Ms. Golf - now this has real potential. We have met for drinks a couple of times and ended the evening with some serious heavy petting. We are very attracted to each other sexually. 75% Chance.

Ms. Work - moved away and is no longer in play. 0% Chance.

Ms. Cam - fizzled out due to all the drama elsewhere. Maybe I should give her a call. 10% Chance.

Ms. Blue - still an enigma. We haven't talked in a while, and then I emailed her a couple of days ago. Now, she seems interested again. I guess it's out of site, out of mind. 25% Chance.

Ms. CFO - way too Chatty Patty. Is likely very good in bed, but requires a lot of energy that I am unwilling to expend at the moment. 10% Chance.

Ms. Irish - nut bag. Read all about her in earlier posts. Booted. 0% Chance.

Ms. Right - met Mr. Right and got a much better offer, but I am not ready to close the door on this one yet. 10% Chance.

Ms. Friend - just that, a friend. We hang some and there may one day be a sexual fling between us, but I don't see it in the near future. 10% Chance.

Ms. Dixie - booted for being too clingy. 0% Chance.

Ms. Ruble - progressed to discussions of coming to the U.S. to visit...then, poof! The KBG has her tied up in interrogation! I haven't heard from her in a few days after a steady stream of emails. 5% Chance.

Ms. Q - nice PYT about 35. Very cute and friendly, but can't tell how this is going to develop. Seems like a friendship of convenience. I will hang in to see what happens. 25% Chance.

Ms. TALL - went on a great date, but it hasn't moved since. She is a very busy professional with condos in two cities. I've maintained contact and she is responsive, but she doesn't seem to have a go button. 25% Chance.

Ms. Scarlet - another hot redhead I met in a bar with friends. Went out as a group and had some close fly bys and exchanged numbers. I thought it might go somewhere, but nothing so far. 10% Chance.

There are a few more in the developmental stages that I haven't given names to. I have stopped actively pursuing additional candidates for Ms. FIRST, but I keep running into opportunities, so I will add them as needed.


rm_funforme143 55F

5/18/2006 3:42 pm

OMG- thank God you're back. I was beginning to get worried about you!!!! You've been in a long, self-imposed dry spell. It's bound to leave you disoriented and confused!!! Why else would you give Ms. Right a 10 percent chance? SHE'S GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!! LOL!!

I hope that you can narrow the field to just a couple terrific choices because you've got to treat yourself to how good it will feel to have a willing and enthusiastic woman naked in your bed and wrapped around you!!

There will never be a woman that can live up to being the "perfect" woman. If you can make a decision knowing that, you'll be in good shape to have a bright future with her and no regrets!! Besides baby, it's time to start at least thinking about making a decision because living well is the best revenge!!!!!

Unless of course none of the women on your list REALLY and TRULY makes you want to stop looking.......

things that make you say: hmmmmmmmmmm. Peace out !

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