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5/16/2006 5:24 pm

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Thank you for all the interest in the Ms. IRISH Weight Poll and subsequent commentary. Very interesting and some valid points from two very intelligent (and most beautiful) women. Read their comments in my previous post.

I NOW KNOW FOR SURE IF MS. IRISH IS FAT, OR ALL THAT! I have the skinny and will reveal the truth after a few comments...

In the last few days, my blog has revealed a lot about me as a person and where I am in the emotional process of ending one difficult relationship and attempting to find my way into new-found single hood.

It has been a much more difficult task than I had imagined. It also involves real people, not just characters I've created, or given nicknames to in this blog.

The words in these posts are simple and can't begin to provide insight into the true complexities of interacting with "flesh and blood" people. Most especially...on an emotional level!

As for me, I am not proud of my actions over the last few days as they relate to Ms. IRISH, but I am not ashamed of them either. I was angry and very hurt. I just exercised my right to vent.

Remember, the pen is mightier than the sword...

My blowing off steam with a Ms. IRISH "FaT PoLL" is a release, and merely that. I've already stated in earlier posts that if I was wrong about Ms. IRISH, I would be the big loser.

But either way (FAT or ALL THAT), considering my experience with Ms. IRISH, I am still a loser in many ways. She offered a lot of what I want in a woman. Her body shape is much less important to me than her character.

I guess she turned out to be the BIGGEST loser after all...

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