Pre-Ms. X2B!  

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5/10/2006 9:05 pm

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Pre-Ms. X2B!

Six months into my marriage to Ms. X2B, I knew it wouldn't last. I found a letter she wrote to her ex-husband shortly after we were married. I don't think she ever intended to send it, but it contained her true feelings nonetheless.

We started out as great friends. I had been out of a first marriage for a couple of years and was dating around. She had only been divorced a couple of months and needed a friend. We hung out together and developed a non-sexual friendship.

She was my confident. She advised me in my relationships with others, and I helped her get back on the playing field. We sort of counciled each other, but our sexual attraction was strong and continued to grow for each other.

Of course, any good shrink will tell you it is unprofessional to sleep with your patients. We violated that rule! Oh Well!

Anyway, I don't think either one of us had the courage to face the reality and admit to everyone who told us it wouldn't work that they were right. So we stayed together and made the best of it.

A few years pass and everything is going great. We develop a good relationship and the SEX is AWESOME!!! She is a redheaded Scorpio and can be quite incredible with a bit of encouragement.

Then come kids.

And, you know the rest. Everything changed, and we discovered how different we really were. Suddenly we were opposites and fighting each other instead of working together. It happens in every relationship...or at least the half that fail.

Fast forward through many difficult years, infidelities and shameful behaviors and several near death experiences, and you come to six months ago.

Then, the leverage I needed to break free. She did it for the same reasons I did several years ago in our force a split. Sort of a "suicide by cop" kinda thing. I committed adultery, so you have to divorce me now.

Don't ask me why shit happens that way, it just does.

As I have stated many times in my blog, I don't blame her for having an affair, and I am not divorcing her for that reason alone. I'm just taking advantage of her mistake to get it done.

I just thought you might like to know. Plus, it's part of my therapy...

rm_funforme143 55F

5/12/2006 10:34 pm

Ok, Mr.lover of Red, did you ever ask her why she didn't use your affairs as leverage to divorce you? Was it because she possibly feared being in a far worse place without you than with you, especially with children in the picture? I think it is amazing what people do to each other. My husband did it to me many years ago and we divorced because of it, but I know now it was absolutely a case of "suicide by cop" sort of thing on his part. We were miserable with each other despite the fact that our intellect and sense of humor was similar and we could always make each other laugh. I used to believe that a sense of humor was what was necessary to keep a relationship together, Now I am convinced it is great, mind blowing sex. The kind of sex that leaves each person feeling not only sexy and satisfied but absolutely adored and validated. I hope your self discovery/therapy leads to a relationship with the coolest woman you have ever met! That is what the payoff for baring your soul to the rest of us out here who take so much pleasure in reading your words. Peace out baby - !!

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