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5/13/2006 1:50 pm

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Ok, for those of you who are following the Ms. IRISH "Nut bag" case, here's the latest. She has continued to call and IM me over the past couple of days. I have not responded since my final declaration a couple of posts ago.

Now, she has resumed her more laid back personality, using calm and reasoning to woo me back. She is still acting like she doesn't know why I did the 180.

Perhaps, she still doesn't know, I know?


I warned my front desk receptionist to be on the look out for a crazy woman asking for ME! Of course, the rumor mill is flying, but hey, that only increases my stock value at work!!!

Ms. IRISH is in LA until late tonight, so I feel a bit of relief. Maybe the LEFT COAST (land of fruits and nuts) makes her more subdued. When she is in New York, she's always wound up!

Anyway, one of the lures she used to tempt me back is that she got a "Web CAM!" Now, that's a horse of a different color...

I could finally see her with enough distance between us that it would be safe. But, the weird thing is, why would she show me herself?

I have pictures she sent that are very beautiful. That's one of the things that attracted me to her. They were close ups of her face, so I suspected she might be heavy (because she refused to meet me in person...saying it was because I was still separated).

Then, I found one online that showed her full figure. Her face was similar to the photos she sent, but not nearly as thin and hardly recognizable. I figured the ones she sent were at least 10 to 15 years younger and 150 pounds lighter.

Is it possible, the photographs she sent me are MORE recent than the one I found on the Internet? The date on the article I found was June 2003. Could she have lost a 150 pounds in three years?

Maybe, but that's a lot of work that very few people could muster and not wanting to meet after losing that much weight...I don't think so. Besides, that would mean she was HONEST about her reasons for not meeting me in the first place...


Maybe I should find out? IF (and it's a big IF) she now has a web cam and will show me herself in real-time, I could know for sure.

If she is still heavy and looks nothing like she represented to me, I have nothing to lose.

If she has lost the weight and is average build, then I AM THE BIGGEST SHIT OF THE CENTURY!

Who knows? I will think on it and let you know what happens. Your comments are most welcome on this or any other topic.

I will post a poll to find out what readers think will happen. Make sure you vote...

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