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6/13/2006 8:48 pm

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I seem to have settled into a three-week stretch with Ms. FIRST (aside from my night with Ms. RIGHT which may turn into a regular). I haven't really had time to develop any other activities.

Besides, Ms. FIRST is an awesome lover. She definitely takes care of this man and knows how to please. Like a great white shark in a fish tank, I probably won't eat the little ones if I'm well fed!

Unfortunately, like most men, I find myself drawn to the steady sex. My emotions, however, are still guarded. A fact Ms. FIRST knows well and has accepted, to some degree.

Interestingly, while the methods used to aquire relationships have evolved, the basic--woman meets man--has family thing--hasn't changed much since I was last in the mix.

As a result, NO MATTER WHAT, all relationships (including sexual) lead to some ultimate conclusion. Some faster than others.

My last one took 18 years to conclude (although I have come to realize I was virtually comatose for the last ten of them!).

Anyway, this is beginning to play into my Ms. FIRST deal. Is "casual" sex really possible? Sex where one party, or the other, is unaffected by their mutual pleasure-swap. If so, I say the sex must have SUCKED!

However, relationships DO begin as a result of REPEAT BUSINESS!

If the sex is great, and the benefactors continue to taste the fruit of the vine (so to speak), their union will eventually develop into a full-fledged RELATIONSHIP that requires all of the attention and investment, etc., etc.

Understanding this most natural tendency, I have concluded that I need to branch out a bit and try some new experiences that will help broaden my horizons.

NO, I'm not GAY or BI-CURIOUS!!!

I mean entering the realm of new SEXPERIENCES. Perhaps a with an intimate couple or small group. I dunno...something?

I was with a couple of girls once, and I really enjoyed it even though they weren't into each other. I still had fun!

I'm thinking that expanding my perspective could relieve some of the pressure I feel building to RUN from having too much FUN with the same person.

I like Ms. FIRST, and I figure as long as she knows and is cool with it, it's ALL good!


Maybe, there's something to this. I guess, I'm open for business...

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