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5/2/2006 7:32 pm

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Ms RUBLE (Russian Bride)

Hello, readers. The past few days have been a whirlwind of activity. The most significant? I have fallen victim to my own fiendish plot.

I have stirred up so much estrogen in my love life that I am suffering from TADs syndrome (Testosterone Allocation Deficiency)! I've had more orgasms in the last month than the last three years with Ms. X2B! And I haven't even gotten laid yet!!!

Enter a long shot into the Ms. FIRST quest, Ms. RUBLE. She (somehow) contacted me on another singles dating website. She didn't have a profile, so I suspected her email to be a typical solicitation like the ones I've discussed in earlier posts, or the KGB looking for top-level operatives.

By the way, I have discovered that if you only contact women over 35 years old, you get "real" people. Contact a HOT, HARDBODY 22 year old, and I guarantee you eight out of ten times you will get a offer to visit another porn website upon depositing the required amount of cash.

Anyway, I turned out to be wrong. Over the distance of thousands of miles came a faint, desperate plea of a young 29 year old Russian girl, longing to make contact with someone in America.

I read her letter which described her home and situation and desire to have a better life in America. I was touched. Of course, I figured about 50,000 other middle-aged American men were feeling the EXACT SAME THING at that moment!

So, I emailed her back and asked some specific questions that would require an actual response, instead of an email blast. I fully expected a solicitation or a request to send money!!!

I got the most awesome, personal reply...

What a wonderful woman. Mature and thoughtful. Yes, full of dreams and hopes, but amazingly grounded and intelligent. She included a photograph...a real Russian beauty with east European features and dark, penetrating eyes.

I was immediately hooked. I emailed her, and she replied. So on, and so on, continuing over the past month. Unbelievably, our relationship has grown in ways I never imagined possible.

I cannot help but wonder how fate played a part in this happenstance? Out of millions and millions (perhaps billions) of people, she and I per chance to meet.

I have counseled her to research ways to come to America. While she has fallen smitten with me, I continue to bring her back to the reality of what may not be possible.

Now, for those of you gasping for breath at this moment...exhale. No, I am not an old perverted crib raider! Well, I am old and perverted, but not a "dirty old man!" playing on the emotions of a naive child.

She's a lawyer in Russia.

Okay, back to the dope... Ms. Ruble and I have quiet a mutual admiration society going, but I am realistic and know life is hard. I expect nothing and require nothing. And, I told her so.

I offered to help her come to America legally with no expectation of marriage or sex. I would willing provide her with a room and share my food and home. Of course, she would be required to make and commit to a specific plan and find employment. Eventually, depending upon the way she gains citizenship, she will be free to go as she pleases.

Crazy? I don't think so. Worse case, I will have helped bring this @$*!#& up world a little closer together...

Sexyntn4uandme 51F

5/5/2006 1:57 pm

it would seem your natural ability to converse itelligently has more of an effect on the righ twoman than you know..
Do I think your crazy..No...a believer of people Yes...Your open to the best in everyone...
Be very careful....A lawyer.....incredible people..come in all shapes and sizes...and cleaver has many masks as you know...
So dark beauty does move you...not just RED

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