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3/25/2006 3:42 pm

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Girl at Work

Among the women I am attracted to at work (I never dip my pen in the company ink, but that's a future post) is a hot burnett.

She's a full figured woman in her early 40's who always looks great, even when she's dragging ass from a tough night.

Anyway, I've been attracted to her since I started working at the same company last year. She isn't in my department, but I see her a few times a day in the hallways and breakroom.

I think she feels some energy for me as well, but it's subtle. She recently found out about my separation and told me about her divorce the year before. Since then, we've developed a "business casual" relationhship.

Over the past several months we've exchanged polite conversations, swapped quick witted jabs with increasing sexual undertone and exchanged some lingering glances during meetings.

The sexual tension is still on low to measure, but it feels like things have been mildly escalating.

Even still, I am a FIRM believer in not doing GIRLS at work. PERIOD! Not that I haven't mind you (I'm no hypocrit), but it was long ago, and I learned a valuable lesson. It's MY rule. I'm not passing judgment on others. We spend a lot of time with the people we work with and attraction doesn't care where you spend your time.

So, yada, yada.

Last week, she announced she was leaving the company for another job. I immediately felt my heart skip a beat and hop into high gear!

Oh man, the game was on...

By early afternoon, I had launched a full frontal assalt. I worked the coversation around to her leaving, and about us not working together anymore. I told her now, when we exchange dating advise, we can talk about the really juicy stuff without the fear of sexual harassement!

Her smile and physical reaction conveyed a elevated interest, but she played it cool and waiting for me to make another move.

I decided the die was cast, and she new I was interested. I withdrew to regroup and plan my next move. She will be at the company a couple of more weeks, so there's no need to rush a good thing.

Monday, if she is more receptive, I'll advance again. I will attempt to get her out of the office for coffee, lunch or drinks before she leaves. That's when I can establish a connection...yeah or nay!

She's HOT and would be an SEXY Ms. FIRST!

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