Do You Want My Email?  

rm_N2Reds 57M
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3/14/2006 5:14 pm

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5/12/2006 3:02 pm

Do You Want My Email?

In an effort to meet Ms. FIRST, I emailed a couple of hot looking women I found on AdultFriendFinder...

Here's one of the replys:

"Hey it's me from the personals! I hope you remember me! You sent a reply to my ad a few days ago. I would love to hear from you. Visit my website at Feel free to call me, my number is on the 3rd page!
Hope to hear from ya!! Love Heidi "

Of course I took the bait and was quickly linked to a webpage with a few pictures of Heidi (fully clothed) and a sign-up form asking me to pay $9.95 to see more!!! All of my other emails were the same. I've even received five more solicitations to join other pornsites!

Give me a break. If I wanted this kind of abuse, I would've stayed married! At least I sent them to a fictious email. So, don't ask me for my personal email unless you plan on being Ms. FIRST (and fucking me silly beforehand).

rm_N2Reds 57M
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3/21/2006 6:50 pm

Follow-up: Amazingly!!! I have received a dozen additional emails from female AdultFriendFinder members referring me to their adult websites. Funny thing is they all sound so personal, yet none of them actually address anything written in my original emails.

I replied to several, asking the sender to join my Blog and post the "ins and outs" of the Internet scams like this, but none so far have been willing to show up. Keep looking, maybe some courageous web-chick will come forward and give us the scoop.

At least for now (while my research is incomplete) I'd have to guess 30%-50% of the beautiful young ladies asking for your email on AdultFriendFinder are really just hookers trying to get you to sign up to see more porn. If this is must be a GREAT business!

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