VROOM VROOM Mustang goes to The Grand Prix Well Sorta  

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4/5/2006 3:32 pm

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VROOM VROOM Mustang goes to The Grand Prix Well Sorta

The Formula One Grand Prix has been a part of the Melbourne Sporting Calendar now for 11 years and Mustang finally got to go.

Well Sorta.

I didn't actually get to see the races or the practices, but I did get to drive on and around the track.

I wasn't in a race car either, I was in a 3 tonne rented moving truck helping to move all the hire furniture out of the marques and return it to the depot.

What a day. I was up at 4 and thankfully my Dad rang to check I was awake because I had slept through my alarm. I was at the railway station by 5 and in Richmond to collect my rental truck by 6.

We then drove in convoy from Richmond through the City Link tunnel and down to Albert Park where the Race Track is set up every year and we were there for 7 am to be briefed on the rules of working in the park.

I spent the next 13 hours loading and driving back to Richmond, where I would assisted at both ends by labourers working for the hire company. I did a total of 4 round trips for the day.

Some of the interesting things about the day were; one of the other drivers hit my truck with his back door, doing some minor damage to the front of my truck and nearly throwing me off the back of my van with the impact. It was a real "What The Fuck Was That" moment as the whole van shook.
I also got to drive on the Race Track a couple of times but only at 40 kilometres per hour for safety reasons and often in the wrong direction to the race direction.
I also scored a BBQ morning tea and lunch provided by the hire company.

I also got to see the portable Air Traffic Control Tower used for Air Traffic Control to keep the helicopters separate from the Air Force jets and display team, as it was being taken away by a Heavy Duty Truck Tow Truck. It must have been one very heavy trailer. The unit was basically like one of those big scissor lift platforms you see on building sites but with a site shed on the top, so it would certainly need to be able to tolerate high wind loads, hence the weight of the unit and the serious crane like outriggers. The unit also had a set of adjustable steps that could rise and fall with the unit as it went up or down, while still keeping the treads level.

It was absolutely amazing to view up close all the logistics of turning the race track back to a public park in the space of a couple of days.

The race barricades were beginning to be removed as were the pedestrian bridges over the track and the "Kitty Litter" gravel was already being scooped back up by front end loader and returned to the supplier, spray paint and all. There were cranes, forklifts, trucks and work crews everywhere. It was a real circus in reverse.

My housemate actually went to the race on the Sunday and it cost him about $100 just to be able to walk around the circuit, so obviously the real winners are those people who get entertained in corporate boxes.

I reckon I had more fun watching the race on TV and then getting to help out the next day, mind you seeing all the skid marks on the track was a bit unnerving.

I was one very tired Mustang when I got home at nearly 9 PM. It had been one very long adventure.


TTigerAtty 63M

4/5/2006 7:17 pm

It sure would be neat to take a few laps around the race track in one of those powerful machines! Glad you had fun!

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