The Quick Brown Fox  

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9/10/2006 1:19 am

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The Quick Brown Fox

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

This is really a typing exercise designed to check both accuracy and speed. Now naturally I have corrected this but if I had been using an old typewriter and paper then this would have been a somewhat amusing typing practise.

The only problem with typing such a repetitive passage is that the passage can end up bouncing around inside your head raising questions.

Have you Ever seen a brown fox here in Australia?
I haven't and I have spotted a few in my years.
Apparently Melbourne has the highest fox population per square kilometre of any city in the world. This is in part due to our numerous parks and also to the abundance of cover and meals provided by our living in a mainly suburban environment. Plus there seems to be no suitable method to eradicate them. You cant shoot them in a built up area. You cant bait them because of the risks to dogs, cats and other animals. As far as traps go well foxes are very wary of new things in their territory, if in doubt they back off to observe.
I must admit it is somewhat spooky to see green eyes reflected back at you when you chance upon a fox and catch one in your headlights, just out the front of your house in suburban Melbourne.
I think that that particular fox may have been living in the backyard of a house a couple of doors up which was empty.

Perfect lair safe from dogs and humans and with the possibility of catching a bird or two in the backyard and being able to roam the suburb for food and Red Rooster just a couple of streets away.

Back to the typing exercise.
OK I have questioned the existence of a brown fox.
That it is quick I have no doubt, they need to be to survive, no matter where they live.
But why would any fox in its right mind jump over a dog?
It would avoid going anywhere near a dog, because where there is one dog there is often a second or several, and if it barks it will alert other dogs and people nearby.
So that doesn't make any sense at all.
Now for the lazy dog.
What the hell is wrong with this dog anyway?
Is it old and frail? Is it drunk on the slops from the beer and spirit bottles?
Any self respecting dog would have smelt the fox doing its rounds the night before and be eager to have a go at this intruder into its territory. Hell, even Mustang Sally at 2.5 kilos of fighting fury would be raring to have a go at a fox.
Don't laugh too hard she has even challenged Alaskan Malamutes, and regularly snaps at bigger dogs trying to get "fresh" with her at the park.
So just what was wrong with the dog?
I think someone in the interests of utilizing nearly ever key on the keyboard played around with the truth and thus put about a furphy.
I hope some self-righteous dog piddled on that persons leg.


pussinboots571 106F

9/10/2006 1:54 am

Mustang Babe,

After reading that, I am under the impression that you think to much, either that or you have an awful lot of time on your hands...LOL

Babe, don't study it, don't question it, it's just a typing NIKE says.........just do it.


rm_MustangD6644 53M
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9/10/2006 3:11 pm

Oh I definitely think too much Puss, and I am always asking questions, but shouldnt one always be questioning things?
If you stop being curious then your brain starts to wither and die, and you cant be far behind.

As far as time goes we all get given 168 hours per week to use them as we see fit.


pussinboots571 106F

9/10/2006 5:04 pm

Babe, there are times to question things and there are times to just chill out. Not everything in life needs to be scrutinised........sometimes its better to accept that somethings.....JUST ARE

Relax a little, it helps the body recooperate.


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