Safe Sex Kakadu Style  

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1/8/2006 9:55 pm

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Safe Sex Kakadu Style

Now we all know the importance of practicing Safe Sex, but I have a tail [intended pun] that will put a whole different perspective on that phrase for you.

Back in 1989 as an Army Reservist I drove all the way from Melbourne to Darwin in a Land Rover 110 Defender in a convoy of @ 30 vehicles as the first convoy from my unit. After a week on the road driving up through the center of Australia we ended up in Darwin.

Now at this time the big buzz was that the place to see was the Kakadu National Park, a couple of hours drive from Darwin. We don't talk distance, we talk drive time in Australia, we just do thats all.

Anyway, just about everybody got the chance to go for a break and to go visit Kakadu, including several of my Army Reserve mates, one of whom borrowed some of my gear while going there.

It comes to the day we are to fly back home to Melbourne and I finally catch up with my mate to retrieve my gear, and the following conversation took place.

Mustang; "So how was Kakadu, Oggy?"

Oggy: "Good Mate, I even picked up"

Mustang; "Yeah, how was it? Who was she and what happened?"

Oggy: "She was a Back-Packer and I picked her up in the camping ground, and we snuck off down by the river."

Mustang; "The River" I said with a degree of growing alarm.

Oggy; " Yeah, we went down by the river and did what you do, and fell asleep".

Mustang just stands looking at Oggy, speechless.

Oggy; "Then, when we woke up it the morning, we discovered that we had been surrounded by Croc tracks".

Mustang; "You F23king Idiot Oggy. That brings a whole new meaning to the expression; Practice Safe Sex."

Oggy just nodded and grinned.

He had nailed this backpacker down by a river infested with Adult Sized, Man Eating, Salt Water Crocodiles. Big Bastards, a fully grown croc can easily drag a water buffalo into the water and after death rolling it, to drown it, stash it in his meat safe to eat later. Humans are just an arvo snack to a croc.

The only reason I can see that they did not get attacked is because of the number of crocs out of the water, barking at each other to establish territory, combined with the poor light and prone position due to sleeping, meant that no croc actually investigated them. If they had been down by a river elsewhere in The Territory, where a croc knows his territory intimately, because they guard their stretch of the river jealously, then things could have been very tragic.

Like I said, it brings a whole new meaning to the phrase; "Practice Safe Sex".

So when I say "Take Care and Play Safe" I MEAN IT.

Now whose going to pay attention when they see a roadside sign that shows a croc eating a man swimming?


Never Smile at a Crocodile.

wombat_ 50M

1/8/2006 11:41 pm

Aussie crocodiles are brutal predators. I am surprised either of them survived at all. Crocodiles are to aligators like a tiger snake is to a worm. And being able to reach something like 60 mph in under 5 seconds is astonishing.

I've had the pleasure of many visits to this area and that is wild country!


AlbertPrince 59M

1/10/2006 5:09 am

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