MOONSHINE yesterday ETHANOL Today Fuel Vent Part 4  

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4/29/2006 3:19 am
MOONSHINE yesterday ETHANOL Today Fuel Vent Part 4

Saturday 29 April 2006.

Tonight I turned on my slowly dying TV and caught the SBS World News.

For those that don't know SBS or Special Broadcasting Service provides MultiCultural Television Services to primarily Sydney and Melbourne, with news and entertainment programs either in or from various non English speaking parts of the world. They also tend to show less mainstream programs.
They are definitely a unique broadcaster, and at times show programs which not only require "guts" to put to air, but also to watch.

Now back to the news. At the end of the bulletin, they ran an article about MOONSHINE, and how Americans are now turning to the skills of their forebears to distill their own alcohol, not for consumption, but for use as ETHANOL.

I sat there watching the program with a sense of pride and deja vu, given that I blogged about this topic only last week.

I was right on the money about turning MOONSHINE into ETHANOL, and instead of running it people should be running their cars ON it.

Looks like I will now have to research this whole home brewing and distilling process a lot more.

I'm just thinking of starting small, and produce enough to run my lawn mower on, rather than risk a more expensive car engine.


A word of caution though, care must be exercised when working with volatile fuels, of which alcohol is one.

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