How Could a Father Do That?  

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8/16/2006 3:53 pm

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8/17/2006 4:25 pm

How Could a Father Do That?

There is a Committal Hearing underway here in Victoria, where a father is accussed of murdering his three sons by drowning them by driving his car into a lake or dam following an access visit. He managed to get out of the car and was charged by police.

A mate of the father yesterday gave evidence that the father told him of his dream about drowning his sons in a lake, but the mate didnt bother to tell anyone because he didnt want to get involved between his mate and his ex wife.

Well the mate is involved now, and became involved because he was having emotional problems at work following the "accident", and his boss started asking questions.

Firstly, I have to say that I find the whole event difficult to comprehend as a father. My son even though I dont yet get to see him is the last person I would hurt. I would never hurt any child and if it meant risking life and limb to save a child then I would. If it cost me my life to save that child then I would pay the price, no questions asked.

But for a father to have become so selfish that he was prepared to murder his children in order to deny his ex wife their love, leaves me stupified.

Someone got his own personal pain and anguish so far out of perspective that he lost the plot.

We all loose the plot at one time or another, but for most of us we manage to self correct before disaster strikes.

Spare a prayer for those three young boys and their families.


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8/16/2006 4:42 pm

It's so sad when parents do this sort of thing...we had a case here of a well distinguished Doctor that went on vacation with his wife & 2 boys, 11 and 5...who threw his kids out of the window of the hotel, 15 stories at a time and then jumped to his own death. I can't imagine the Mother's grief...she heard one of the boys scream as he fell to his death upon returning to their room...I cannot even imagine what this Father was even thinking, or the kids and the complete terror they must have felt. Take your own life if it's that dark...but damn, why the kids? I will never get it...never ever.


silverbreeze2 66F

8/16/2006 6:12 pm

There is more devils here on earth, than in hell. They walk among us daily and we don't know it. It is hidden behind a smile or appearing to be normal. I know for a fact this is true, because my ex son in law is one of these devils walking around.
Nuff said.

freetime648 53F

8/17/2006 12:25 am

It is unfathomable when a parent murders their own children. Look at Susan SMith and Andrea Yates in the US. I am with you, I could never imagine doing anything of the sorts to my child! Worldwide laws have to be set in place for these people. We may not be able to stop this kind of action but, forcing them to face a strict justice can be!

xx FREETIME648 xx

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8/17/2006 1:57 am

Whoa sweetSinn thats HEAVY. What the fuck went wrong with the Doc? Did he fail to treat himself or get over commetted finacially? Was the wife lucky or unlucky to be out of the room?

Personally I have been in that dark place fighting with Brother Grim to determine if I lived or died by my own hand, and my bitch ex wife tried to encourage me to commit suicide. I will never forgive or forget that and our son will one day read all about it. Not Negotiable, Period.
Finally I had a breakdown, and gave in. It was either that or a rope.

I am slowly working my way out of the hole Im in, but its not easy.

To anyone who is consumed by dark thoughts on a regular basis, I say please be brave enough to put your hand up and admit you need help. Dudes Im talking to you. Put down the macho real man bullshit for a bit and get help.

There are solutions to every problem except death,

Thats permanent.


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