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rm_MustangD6644 53M
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2/21/2006 6:00 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Central Vic Fun Group

I noted last night that all three of the most frequent new bloggers to join the list of Victoria's top bloggers, are in addition to being young females, they are all from the Bendigo region of Victoria and all members of The Central Vic Fun Group. I am referring to Amber Nektar, Imsohorny and Bendigo Girl, who have all literally burst into the Victoria Top Blog Board in the past month or so. It is making me wonder how long it will be before they catch up to me in total comments.

So seeing as that is where the action in Victorian Blogland is hottest I decided it was time I joined the group, assuming they will have an opinionated bugger like me as an out of town Big Smoke member.

In some ways the Central Vic Fun Group actually have a number of advantages over Melbourne members by having their own group. They have their own posting board and chat room, and several members keen to organise social gettogethers. They also have a better critical mass and esprit de corp courtesy of their isolation from Melbourne.

I think that perhaps ordinary Melbourne members are missing out by not having a Melbourne Group.


imsohorny19822 36F
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2/21/2006 9:16 pm

Welcome along to the group Mustang!!!

Are you going to come for the trip up and join us for our drinks night on the 18th March?? You know that you are more than welcome to attend.

It is a bit strange isn't it that us three girls have all started blogging and that we are all from the same place and in the same group. Creepy!!!

Anyway, i know that Amber_Nektar is really nice as i met her at the last drinks night but i have not had the opportunity to meet Bendigo_Girl yet but am looking forward to it.

So anyone out there who is interested, come along and check the group out and come party with us on the drinks nights!! All are welcome.

Look forward to possibly meeting you in the future Mustang

rm_MustangD6644 53M
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2/22/2006 3:54 am

Thank you for yor welcome imsohorny; I have already been pondering the possiblity of a trip to Bendigo. I have been thorugh Bendigo several times over the years but I cant actually recall having spent time exploring the town and its surrounds. I have stopped in at the new Beechworth Bakery the weekend it officially opened late last year and stuffed myself silly for arvo tea. I do have a hankering to do all the touristy stuff like ride the historic trams and visit the mines so maybe I could call upon one of you as a tour guide. I am thinking for accomodation I might just find a dog friendly caravan park and sleep in the back of my van.


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