Hello for a late night rambler  

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9/27/2005 12:29 am

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Hello for a late night rambler

This is a new thought for me. As I reminisce, in my mind I see images of wonderful, beautiful women.
Now I imagine none of you would pass me by and have any notice. I’ve never been out front in much. I’ve been around a lot and as it says in the title, I’ve been very lucky.
I thought I’d ramble a bit about my past and my adventures. Those of you who enjoy them are welcomed but mostly it a chance for me to look back and savor. I’m not that old … and I’m still doing some good work but life is a little quieter.
Why I am doing this here? Well many of my fondest memories are of women and their amazing capacity for generosity. They have shared there live and passions with me. Quite a few of them have. I wish I could look in every one of their eyes again….. Feel the life energy they shared with me….. The beautiful curves of their wonderful bodies….. The warm loving touch of their lips…… the music of their moans and sighs…..
I am not bragging. I’m just remembering, looking for order……
Your welcome to share....

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9/27/2005 4:23 am


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