going forward/new friends  

rm_Munenirock 34
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9/10/2006 5:46 pm
going forward/new friends

Well, another lost friend...yet this one...was one of 7 years. Who knew that one girl could screw up all of my old friendships?!! I am not all that upset about it though, because if it was that easy to lose a friendship, then it wasn't a real one anyways.

Met some new people from here and they are cool as hell. ^_^ Can't wait to hang out again! Went to Stampedes last wednesday, and had a blast. Got a girls number, and we are going to go together this wednesday. Also danced with four girls who I got to teach some dance steps to! ^_^ I love people who smile all the time, especially when listening to music. Danced all night and was smiling all night afterwards. ^_^ can't wait till this wednesday!

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