Seducing the new neighbors ... continued part 3  

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Seducing the new neighbors ... continued part 3

After that nice long kiss we laid silently for a while gently toying with each others nipples with a few nice kisses once in a while. As usual, the selfish me was wanting her to break the silence and say something like that was incredible or anything along those lines. I could tell by her caressing and kisses she was content but I noticed something in her eyes and could tell she was troubled and thinking deeply. She was aware I was paying attention to her every expression and now the caring me realized I was putting pressure on her to say something she wasn't quite ready to say and she must be uncomfortable that way. So I broke the silence and in my best perky mood I jumped up and said how about a cigarette? We did the lighting ritual again but she didn't look in my eyes as deeply as before and now the worry wart me had me thinking something bad was coming so I jumped up again and said how about another cold one? She nodded and her cooler was empty so I went inside to get some from the fridge.

A million things raced through my mind trying to figure what was this bad thing coming that was weighing so heavily on her. Of the top ten things I could think of, guilt seemed to head the list. She figures she was just unfaithful to her hubby ... yep that had to be it. Shit how do I handle this? I handed her her beer and direct blunt me said I can tell something is bothering you and you should know when two gals have some sexual fun together It's not like cheating on your hubby at all. She began to laugh which got me giggling which seemed to make her laugh more which made me giggle more and so on till we were both almost hysterical and what was really funny to me was I didn't have a clue what we were laughing about lol but felt real good that damn tension was broke. When we calmed down enough after achieving sore cheeks, aching sides and laughter tears she said "Come here Honey" and she gave me a big hug and a great kiss with twinkled smiling eyes and said "Honey I could gang bang the entire 7th fleet and not be equal to the amount of cheating that prick has done on me".

She went on and told me what her concern was about. You know what it was? Her only experience with a woman before was in college only 2 or 3 times with the same gal and she could never make her cum. Maggie was so hot and had such a great climax with me she just figured she wouldn't be able to return the favor and would feel like a complete failure. Then I began to laugh but we didn't get carried away with it this time. lol I said Honey that bitch was probably frigid and told her that she had me so hot and turned on when I was sucking those fantastic nipples of hers and my pussy was rubbing on her leg I almost came then and would have if she hadn't came so fast. She said that's nice of you to say but ... I said you don't believe me? I grabbed her wrist gently and guided her hand to my pussy and said just feel ... when I felt her hand for the first time rubbing my pussy lips I now knew she was indeed my "dream neighbor". I told her Ummmmm that feels so good now stick a couple fingers inside ... my pussy was still so wet that her fingers went in so fast it was like they were vacuumed into me.

I could hardly believe it but I started getting those first feelings you get when you know a super cum is headed your way in the not too distant future and Maggie had just started! She said "I want to taste you" so I told her to lay down on the lounge chair with her head right at the end and I would squat over her. I grabbed a PVC chair to hold on to, bent my knees, aimed my ass at her upper chest and lowered my very hot and very wet pussy slowly to her eager mouth and tongue trying not to put too much body weight on her face. Yep, now there was no doubt, the big one was coming! Her tongue felt so good but it was sort of going in all directions and from slow long licks to one of the fastest flickers I ever felt. It was driving me crazy and normally I really enjoy the build up that this type of teasing delay gives me but I wanted to cum so bad I gave her the quick A B C course on alphabet licking. Starting with the lines of an A around my clit and when she crossed the A her tongue goes over the clit. Then B, C, D, ... and so on. With a talented gal I can hardly get to J or K before I'm cummin' so I just told her after she got to Z just go back to A and repeat figuring it would be a while.

What's this? Only just to the letter D and I can feel those muscles tightening in my pussy so I'm on the non stop train now and know I will be exploding in a matter of seconds damn this was good it was getting so close and feeling soooooo good. I had her stop drawing the letters on my pussy with her tongue and do that flicker thing she does so well just barely touching my clit and told her I was going to cum hard for her. AND I DID ... GUSH! My pussy cum juice filled my pussy as I exploded on her face and she went wild tonguing me deep and lapping my cum and I had my second big climax, my body was shaking and I just shoved that hot pussy in her face hard with that final peak. I wanted to let her keep going but I was spent and my clit was way too sensitive to go any more so I stood up to pull away from that magic tongue. Turned, kneeled and kissed her.

Damn girlfriend lets have an after cum ciggy! I told Maggie that girl in college must have come from the arctic circle she was so frigid cause that tongue of hers had some major talent. I think Maggie was happier and more satisfied than I was with my wonderful orgasm. lol Now the horny me was SATISIFIED!

Yes ... there is still a lot more to 'cum' ....

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Wow...that's all...just wow...

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9/13/2006 7:18 am

Sunny, Thats a very hot story. Love all of your thoughts as well as the discriptions. I was hard reading all that you wrote. I'd love to hear more.... neil

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1/15/2007 9:01 am

You just made an old man verry happey for a few min i drifted into your story and was laying rhght there with yout neighbor softly pulling on your big lips with my lips as my tongue wiggled its way up and in that little cover your clit and as it started to grow in my mouth i sucked and pulled on it with my lips intill you shuddered and drenched me in cum

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