New Story> Two Virgins: a true story  

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New Story> Two Virgins: a true story

I will be running two stories simultaneously.
The new story is true, based on my first time in a small Colorado town. Add your comment, vote on the magazine site, it is posted there (and here) under the erotic storyies catergory. Life is for living: Enjoy!

Part One
Two Virgins: A true story

When I was sixteen, on a summer’s morning I competed at a swimming meet. I went to the event with my best friend, Alan in his car. As we were leaving, he introduced me to a girl on the other team who he knew from his high school. She was someone that I had taken notice of around the pool during the event,

Allan and I went to different schools and I had not known her before we met in the parking lot. Alan said she was a good friend of his and that her name was Molly. She was our age, very pretty, 5’7” tall, slender and well toned like an athlete. Her thin nylon-racing swimsuit showed off her sexy figure. I had defiantly noticed her getting out of the pool, dripping wet in the suit, which clung to breasts and exposed her taunt nipples. I was delighted to learn that Alan knew her well.

She told us that she had hoped that Alan was going to be at the event and that she would meet me, because he had told her a lot about his best friend. She invited us come over her house that afternoon. Molly said what time we should arrive and not to be late.

Alan had said that she lived just with her mom, so that probably meant we would be all alone in the house. We did not need any encouragement in getting there on time, as she was terrific looking girl and I wanted to be around her as much as I could.

When Molly opened the door to her home, she had changed into a two-piece bathing suit that showed more skin that the one piece she wore at the pool. It was easy to see more of her breasts too. Her short natural blonde hair was now dry and looked very cute framing her big blue eyes and blonde eyebrows. She had a clean and fresh appearance with no make-up.

In the entry hall, her wrinkled Shar-Pei dog came running to greet us. When she squatted down to pet him, Alan and I looked down her suit top, feasting our eyes on her pure white breasts openly revealed to us, where the racing suit had previously covered her up from the sun and our eyes.

She glanced up, catching my searching gaze at her lovely young breasts. She gave me a cute smile and lowered her eyes demurely. Embarrassed, I quickly averted my invasive stare. Molly’s alabaster skin was extremely beautiful without a freckle, blemish or mole anywhere to be seen on her lithe body. She had beautiful legs and the bottom of the two-piece showed off her cute little butt. I was so very excited to see her again.

Molly invited us to come back into her bedroom, saying that she wanted to change her clothes. We happily followed her through the house. She told us that her mother was at work and would not be home until after 5.

In her bedroom, when she started to go into the bathroom to change, Alan jokingly ask her ‘We are alone in the house, right, who’s going to know if you were to take off your top for us here in your bedroom?

I added, ‘we would love to see more of you?’

She paused, blushed and with a big smile said, “yes Alan, you are quite right, we are totally alone. And my mom isn’t expected to be home for hours. So you two want me to show you my breasts, right?’

I responded, ‘Yes, we would love that!’ And I noted that was the second time she had mentioned when her mother was expected home.

‘Okay, I’ll do it, on one condition; you both will take off your shorts and show me how you look naked too. I have never seen a man nude, except in pictures. Will you do that for me? If you do, I will let you see a lot more than just my tits. I will strip nude too. Deal?’

‘I’ll do it.’ I said.

Alan shook his head no and said ‘I’m way too shy to do that!’

He sort of withdrew, moving to sit on a pillow in the corner of the room, leaving Molly and I standing near her bed.

She turned to me and said ‘Well, I’m ready it you are. You go first!’

Without a hesitation, I pulled down both my shorts and briefs to my knees, leaving me about half naked. Instantly, my long soft cock began to come to life, getting firmer with each beat of my heart. I blushed.

I dropped of my clothes and stood there in my t-shirt, with my shorts around my ankles. Figuring I looked pretty stupid like that I stepped out of them quickly.

Bravely, I said ‘Okay, I did that much, now it’s your turn to take something off!’

Smiling broadly Molly looked me over, taking her time to examine every inch that I had just exposed to her. Following the drop of my shorts, her eyes began by looking my feet and ankles, then up to my calf’s like she had never seen a boys legs before… moving slowly past my knees and to my thighs. Then she raised her eyes up to my nearly hairless balls. She stood there looking directly at them. Boy was I was feeling awkward.

Molly continued her long journey up me, now stopping to stare at my cock that was framed by my little patch of short curly brown pubic hair. With her eyes on me, like that, I was becoming firmer and firmer. I knew that in another minute or two my hard-on would be complete and point straight at her. It seemed like an eternity before she said a word to me or moved a muscle. I continued to grow and grow for her.

At last she said, ‘Oh my goodness, I can’t believe how quickly it has gotten big. Amazing! It is so amazing to watch you get bigger and bigger.’ I blushed.

She continued, ‘Ah, yes, well now back to the task at hand… you did it for me, so here goes, I will keep my promise to you. However, I need some help from you. OK?’

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