Whats up doc???  

rm_MsLL22 36F
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8/31/2006 1:08 am
Whats up doc???

Well im feeling alot better in myself with this no shagging thing. I do wander who that girl was and will she come back at some point.

Alot of the people who were in my life at the time have more or less faded out. So its become easier to move on. Its about a year since most of it. I sometimes fail to remember things and it feels like it didnt really happen.

My main focus is my creative writing course and learning to drive which I will start again in mid september.

I am not sleeping with fuckbuddy cos I am suffering with a low sex drive and prefer to have more meaningful sex. I am not really desiring sex at the moment. Its probably not fair on him for me to be like this.But I wont force myself.

I went on date last week with this guy from the lock and key party. He was really atractive but I dont think he fancied me but liked my company. We have arranged to go the cinema in the near future.

Its coming up to a year since my mum died and its becoming quite obvious she isnt come back and I have be crying a lot and going to see her at the cememtary. I am actually suprised but I think it gets harder to deal with the fact someone has gone the more time that passes not easier.

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