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7/24/2005 5:46 am

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Sometimes Weird

I am a bit concerned that sometimes I come across as a little weird in my blog. But its who I am.

I decided to not amend my ad instead I am keeping it turned off. I am not ready to meet people at the moment. I will work through the people on my messenger see if there is any potential fuck buddies there.

After I came home from the Cinema last night. I put my msn messenger. Just to check if SV was there. I know it may make me look a little like a bunny boiler. But I wanted to talk him so that I can get some answers. I went to wash the dishes and have a shower I came back to the computer screen.

There was a message from the guy who offered me his services.I now think the services was something that was said to get rid of me for good.It worked as I have no interest him.

His message said something along the lines of: I am cumming in a minute.
my response was :what
his response:god sorry - camming on AdultFriendFinder meant for someone else.

Thats just what I needed someone who I once liked telling me that they had someone else. That they had chosen someone else.

Sometimes you get hurt by people. It feels like all contact is pushing the knife in deeper into your chest.Sometimes people hurt you and they do not know they do it at all. I am sure that I hurt people and probably wasnt even aware of it.

Its weird some guys say things and make promises and you pay no attention at all.Other guys say things and make promises and you believe them and you hold on to the things that were said.

I decided there and then that I had to delete and block him and a few others. I couldnt have anymore contact with this person. I had been hurt enough already.

I dont think he meant to do it. To be honest I did it to myself. I read too much into things and banged on to a friend how great the sex was. I made it into something it never was.

I am thinking about blocking SV. as Im sure I would only get hurt by any further contact.

I love the cleanliness of an online relationship all you have to do is delete their e-mails and block them on messenger. It helps you forget and move on.

Wedding Crashers is a good movie and Vince Vaugh is hot. I have liked him since his movie - A Cool Dry Place. I have a crush on him.

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7/25/2005 4:33 pm

your not weird your you, and you will find what your looking for it will come naturly. take care

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10/9/2006 3:04 pm

hii.. have you got msn adress? my msn adress:

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