Erotic Memoirs  

rm_MsLL22 35F
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8/2/2006 11:29 am
Erotic Memoirs

As I wannabee writer. I am finding this genre a bit offensive and lazy. It lacks imagination.
Anyone can sit down a list their lovers and say what they did with them.
I could tell some stories to but I would rather not.

I went into a book yesterday to buy the new Melissa P book. Although Mellisa P belongs to sex memoirs genre. Her book is exceptional.

I am avid buyer of books I don't always read them as soon as buy them. But I do buy quite a few books.

I have recently noticed a new genre - Erotic Memoirs. They involve a woman or man giving a blow by blow account of part of sex life or their whole sex life. Books like A Year of Yes by Maria Headley, My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler, The diaries of Internet Lover by Dawn Porter, Diary Manhattan Call Girl by Tracey Quan, Gods Call girl, The Baker,The Butcher, The Candlestick Maker. The Game.

Some of these books are good fun reads others not so good. But I'm not sure why people feel the need to everybody what they have got up in bed and with who and what toys they used and what his cum tasted like.

In other news I started at the new work place today. I feel like I have had rug pulled from under me. I feel like I'm starting all over again.Hopefully once I finish my training I will feel better.

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