To dream......  

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2/15/2005 10:09 pm

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To dream......

Insomnia and I are becoming fast friends...
I should be sleeping, maybe studying for a chem test tommorow...instead I am here typing into an online journal that will most likely never be read.

It is a funny kind of thereapy. I get to have the illusion that I am sharing my inner feeling with the world and never really have to share! Why you ask? Well this is an adult site, so since I am not female or talking about sex I shall mostly unoticed. That is not a complaint, but an observation of fact. Remember it is not hatefull if it is true.

So, maybe a poem. This poem is a personal attack on my comp II class. I have always written poetry but have eschewed anything in the classical form....sonnet's, villanelle's and the such. So I will post here the sonnet I was forced to write for this class....My prof. gave me an A and exscused me from writting sonnets for the rest of the term....

Shall I lock myself up with form and fancy
And take my bitter muse with whip and chain
So tying freedom up with blasphemy
I conjure only visions of disdain
All hopes eschewed in one fevered rambling
Enlightened by this plague upon my mind
And time it ticks, tick-tock, never pausing
No more rambling without pausing in kind
For the hour has drawn, I’m out of time
Create or Die and never mind your pride
Lock up your muse for her creative crime
Forget that little part of you that died
So now I know what true writers must do
And if that be truth I leave the truth to you

he he he

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