post the second and what it is too  

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11/23/2005 2:56 pm

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post the second and what it is too

Another day another dollar.

The motor growled hungrily as I flipped the throttle. I felt her tense as her thighs gripped me with a nervous squeeze. i reached down and laid my leather gloved hand upon her thigh.

The lights change to green, I dropped the bike iinto gear, let out the clutch and in a smooth fluid motion, gunned the throttle. The bike roared out from between the two, still stationary cars either side of us and flew across the junction.

Her hands held me tightly, her thighs gripping me quite exquisitely as we raced on up through the gears and out of the city.

Coasting around the last roundabout we accelerated up the hill and out onto the moors. The road was clear, the sky blue and a warm gentle breeze washed over us as we sped past the glorious devon countryside.

This was the life, this was as close to perfection as could be. A sexy girly on the back, an open road with sweet twisting bends and the warm summer sun dropping slowly to the horizon. What more could anybody want.

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