Odd experience today  

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9/11/2006 12:07 pm

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Odd experience today

My roommate's mother comes to visit just about every other day. Must of the time she doesn't call or anything and shows up out of nowhere. My roommate gave her his key to the room so she could come in so she wouldn't have to wait out in the lobby downstairs. Thats fine with me and everything but she just comes in and digs through our stuff and does as she pleases. She goes through my stuff and pulls things out and asks me "whats this." It gets so aggrevating. She has even walked in on me having sex before. She pretty much comes in at anytime she wants. One morning it was like 6 and the door to my dorm room opened and when i opened my eyes she was standing next to my bed. I asked what is she doing she said that she came to visit. I told her that its 6 in the morning and asked why she came so early. She told me that she was worried about her little man and wanted to check up on him. Again odd but i can understand a little bit.
Well the odd thing that happened today was after my morning class i went to the fitness center to lift weights. After i finished lifting i came back to the room and and took a shower. I didnt expect anybody to be coming in our bathroom so i didnt take a towel or anything. Well when i was finished taking a shower i got out of the shower and turned to walk to the door and there she stood at the mirror putting some kind of makeup on. Now my bathroom is really small near the door, 2 people cant pass each other without rubbing against one another. I asked her if she would move down to the other sink so i could get by her and she said "no, i could get around her." I was getting aggrevated and was dripping water all over the place so i said fuck it and tried to get pass her but her ass was sticking out and they only way to get around was to rub up against it(ewww). Well i decided that i was going for it cause i was really getting pissed by this point. As i moved past her, my dick rubbed against her ass,(no i wasnt horny or anything), and she said, "how does that feel, i bet u like it don't you?" I responded by saying WTF youre my roommates mom, and went into my dorm room. Now here comes the part that i need ur guys help on. Should i tell my roommate what happened or should i just keep my mouth shut? I wanna tell him that his mom is doing this because she doesnt do it when he is around and i dont want him to think im trying to fuck his mom or anything, but i dont know if he will believe me because by looking at his mom you wouldnt even begin to think she would do something like that.

2daycowboywanted 46F

9/11/2006 12:49 pm

Gross - pass on the situation and if things keep happening like that front her on it and let her know thanks but no freakin thanks!

Until later

badbadgirl6969 54F

9/20/2006 7:38 pm

well you may not want to give all the details but do let him know it is bothering you about her popping in without calling. tell him you don't feel comfortable with it and that you don't want her to catch you with your pants down so to speak! lol but i guess she already has.


12/7/2006 4:38 pm

why dont u go for it? she seems to want sex from u!!

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