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rm_MrBlueEyeGuy 32M
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5/21/2006 1:56 pm
New people

Ive been online for the better part of this weekend and Ive found quite a few girls who are not only cute but also kinky, it turns me on when they are turned on.
What I want to know from you, and I'm talking mainly to the ladies (although all input is always welcome) is what about erotic email/IM is appealing to you, why go for this when you can just hit the town and look for something.

For me its the fact that I love flirting with girls and taking them to what I see to be the limit in actual conversation, which is not something that I find easy outside of safe old cyber space. I also like the fact that I can see they are human too, they have lives and reputations and relationships that would otherwise be ruined if what they said to me was said in an environment where gossip spreads like wildfire. It tells me that people you see everyday are also sexual creatures that like to be thought of as attractive, that like to fantasize and play and be naughty.
I know Im a heavily sexual person and Im still a virgin (another topic for another time), my point is this, People are 3 dimensional, just because someone likes to go online and talk dirty or fantasize about fetishes doesnt mean that thats all they are, I feel sorry for the people who deny that aspect of living and go on a righteous path dictating what right and wrong...that leads to a 2 dimensional character, and thats just plain boring.
Anyways, I find the girls I talk to to be a huge turn on and I luve giving them shows on cam when appropriate.
So I hope I get quite a few responses on why you find comunicating via the internet to be great for erotic expression.

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