Fantasy-Long I know-the actual sex scene is in the later half  

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6/4/2006 9:52 am
Fantasy-Long I know-the actual sex scene is in the later half

Finally, after a 24 hour full on road trip We had managed to arrive at our destination.
Feeling a little cranky I was the first to get out of the car and unpack my stuff.

After unpacking, snacking and freshening up which involved a much needed shower, I decided to enjoy what was left of the quickly closing afternoon. So I went out onto the veranda of our bungalo. I was a lovely, simple and relaxed holiday house in the middle of the game park. just far enough away from the mainstream lodgings that no-one was likely to bother us and just close enough so that it wasn't to much of a walk to go for some entertainment if need be.

My friends and I hired it as get away venue for two weeks, a recently established game lodge and resort in Knysna, it was close enough to the famed forests to allow me to take a walk whenever I wanted so long as I stayed on the paths and I decided to leave the ladies whom I spent the last day with behind without telling them where I was going.

After a 15 minute walk I found myself on the forest path looking around at the flora and fauna around me. I couldnt help but start relaxing after a long long time in a car.
However even though I was surrounded by so much wildlife I couldnt help but think about the one of the girls that had went with me on the road trip. she was of medium height, standing maybe half a hand below me, with lusterous, shiny black hair that she kept no llonger than a hand above your shoulder and deep brown eyes that always seemed to smile in their own rite. She had a beautiful smile and lips that seemed to welcome your gaze, she had a figure that belonged to a godess with curves that seemed to bend your mind as well as your vision, with delicate features and everything in perfect proportion. All of which was heavily emphasised by how her dark indian skin brought a special exotic quality to how she looked.

Before I knew it 2 hours had gone by and I was at the end of my path. Thinking that I had a heavy walk for me and that it would soon be dark if I didn't have a fast pace I decided to take a 10 minute rest at the end in order to prepare myself. Luckily a small road cut alongside the border of the forest and the path lead up to it. Even better was the fact that a tourist van was parked beside and headed in the same direction that I was.

After a delightfully short trip back to the resort (Which included trying to translate chinese unsuccessfully) I headed back to my bungalo. When I got in I noticed that noone was up so I decided to pour myself a drink and head onto the veranda to see the sun set.
I sat there looking at the seductively lit landscape for quite a while, enjoying a beer and just plain relaxing when she walked up, yawning in what most people would think was an inelegant fashion, I however thought it was beautiful (She had obiously just woken up after a post trip nap).
She came to sit down next to me and we sat there enjoying the sunset for a good while until it had just turned dusk. She started to shiver and I only then realised that she must be quite cold seeing as though she was only wearing a well fitted tank top and jeans. I offered my jacket to her and she smiled and accepted it with a smile after a bit of denial.
After a few minutes of conversation and trying to spot game with very little light I started to get the shivers, after refusing to take my jacket back when she offered, there was a short uncomfortable silence and then the unexpected...

She shuffled up closer to me, until she was leaning right up against me and was able to cover both of us in my jacket.
I started to blush, she felt so soft, so delicate and fragile against me.
And her scent, so subtle that I could only have noticed if she were right up against me (Which she was !!!), she smelled heavinly, with lavender vanilla and something that Ive never actually experienced. My tongoue was caught and I didnt know what to say at which point she started to bury her head against my shoulder.
I couldnt help but breathe heavily, my heart was beating so fast. I could feel her breath against my body as she sat close to me. It seemed like forever until I worked up the courage to wrap my arms around her, pulling her in close, resting my head against hers and kissing the crown of her head.
I let myself sink into the moment with her, enjoying the time as much as I possibly could, then she started to become a little more hands on, cuddling softly until she finally worked herself up and straddled me, kissing me gently she smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck, allowing herslf to say everything that needed to be said with her lips.
I was only too happy to oblige, kissing her back, enjoying how gentle the feeling was.
Every so often smiling and looking into her eyes, thinking to myself that this moment had finally come.
I almost lost myself in the moment until a little discomfort down below brought my attention back and I realised that I was harder than I had ever been, my cock literally wanting to burst free, I realised that she must have been able to feel the rock hard growth in my pants and I started to get nervous, after all this was all new and I had no idea how far to take things.
Thankfully the decision was lifted from me when she started to slide herself back and forward, grinding u against my lap, it was so wonderful having her to myself like this that I nearly screamed out in joy but had to settle for moaning in delight.
I drapped my arms around her, carressing her lower back, shifting them lower till they were on her ass (and OMG what an ass). I loved being abble to feel her hips move when she went back and forth. Everything happening at once, just extasy until I was almost ready to climax heavily right there and then.
Sensing that I was getting ahead of things she started to take it easy, slowing down gradually and instead focusing more on kissing and playing.

Sitting up straight with perfect posture, she started to roll her top up, I couldnt help but be the gentleman and help her with it, enjoying the view as it was revealed by both our hands.
Then she moved on to my top, slowly getting it off me.
I sat back and enjoyed her being topless, her breasts filling her lacy black bra perfectly like a fine work of art.
My eyes, being stuck where they were took some effort to move up and meet hers, smiling when I saw her doing the same.

She started to fiddle with my belt, getting stuck along the way and giggled when I had to help with getting the buckle undone. She took it in stride and slid it off me.
She went back up for another kiss, locking my lips for a good while and pulling back while biting my lip gently, I felt dizzy like I had just climed down the rabbit hole.
I managed to catch my breath, only to have it taken away again as she slid her hands down, feeling my body on her way down, obviously pleased with what she felt and saw, ending up at my carge pants once again.
She started to fiddle with the button but this time she had no problem, she got it without effort and started to slowly undo the zipper, smiling once she got a better view.
I took the pause as an oppertunity to return the favour and went as far on her lower half as she had on mine.

She sat up on her knees slightly allowing a gap between us and start to yank down my pants. I, Ever the oppurtunist, decided to fully appreciate her body and allowed my tongoue and hands to wander freely.

She managed to win the war with my pants as well as my boxers before I knew it. She then preceded to keel down on the ground before me and sat there smiling and looking at my member, slowly raising her eyes to mine and smiling so as to let me know that she wasn't as good a girl I had come to believe.
She leaned in closer and my cock shivered as she touched my shaft gently while she kissed the head of my dick, letting her tongue lick up the pre-cum that resulted from all the excitment.

I gasped as she touched me like this, shaking with excitement I caressed her cheek, then guided her up to her feet.
I was in a good position to help her out of her jeans as I kissed her tummy, just below her belly button, making her giggle.
I looked up to see a gorgeous creature of beauty with plain black panties that complimented her bra well, I kept on kissing as I slid them down.
Slowly lowering my lips down to her shoert cropped bush, and even lower to the lips of her pussy, I decided to lock lips and was pleasantly surprised to hear her moan.

I motioned her to the chair and she obliged with a smile, spreading her lags and letting me taste her intimately.
I proceded to kiss, tongoue and suck her clit, eagerly tasting her.
After a while she started to shiver again and at first I thought she was a little cold but soon I realized it wasnt the weather that got her going but the treatment I was giving her clit.
I continued the much deserved lip service, getting sooo hot by the knowledge that she was just about to climax.
Her breathing became heavy and she started moaning louder in a husky tone. Her thighs started shaking and I realized it ws to late to pull back now, crying out softly she came to climax, shaking as her muscles went into light blissful spasm.
Before I knew it she was tugging at my hair gently and rocking back and forth with the orgasm, making me extremely hot and wanting her even more, if that was actually possible.

She sighed as her climax came down, resting back in the chair, smiling and moaning with her eyes closed.
I sat down next to her, giving her a moment before kissing her and touching her intimately, she smiled that not so innocent smile once more and picked herself up, only to straddle me once more, teazing the head of my stiff cock into her pussy, she eazed herself down into my lap, both of us sighing as she did so.

She started to slide herself up and down my shaft, letting her tight pussy take all of me down to the hilt.
She started slowly, treating me to intimate love like none before.
I couldnt keep but moan incoherently as she rode me, steadily building up speed.
I couldnt help myself in that moment, and I started caressing her breasts, squeazing them gently and enjoying the feel of a godess's body.
She just smiled and increased her spead, breathing just as heavy as I was.

After a little while she was riding me wildly and I couldnt help but be amazed at how fit she was for being able to keep increasing her pace without a problem. I started panting and couldnt keep my hands off of her, longing for each time that she would dive in and give me another taste of her lips.
I managed to undo her bra's clasp and she gave me the chance to slide it from her arms, releasing her breasts to swing wildly as she rode me like an experienced cowgirl.
I marveled at her gorgeous assets as they moved in unison with her body, so full yet so firm, they were perfect in every aspect, just like her.

I started breathing and panting even heavier. Realizing that I was close to cumming, she started to fuck me harder and faster than before, and it took me a little while to realise that she was close to climax aswell, fully released of any inhibitions I sucked, caressed and played with her breasts.

I started to rock in orgasm, my hips and thighs locking in spasm, I realised she was 1 step ahead crying out uncontrollably as she came for the second time, amazingly not slowing her pace.
I started to cry out with her as I couldnt hold on any more and started to shoot my hot load deep inside her pussy. The orgasm was the longest and most intense that Ive ever had and I was pleased to know that the experience was mirrored from her side. Finally she collapsed her body onto mine, my cock still half inside her, we rested and enjoyed the intimacy of being close. I reached of for my jacket and covered her, soon after she fell into a light sleep and I was happy to sit there with her ontop of me, breathing softly against my chest, my cock still half inside her.

After a little while she woke up and we spent most of the night together intimately often resorting to heavy heated sex, luckily most of the week that followed was similar and we became closer than ever.

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