Getting back to basics...the thrill of writing someone...  

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6/15/2005 4:42 pm

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Getting back to basics...the thrill of writing someone...

I was just reminiscing today after writing a particularly nice email on how much I enjoy that. Writing an email or message to someone. A lot of times it can be better than chatting. Correction...typical chatting.

Typical chatting is very's like having a phone with call-waiting and the other person has to go answer the other beep every minute or two and then comes back on. Frustrating, but we tell ourselves we enjoy the chat and some people don't mind it because they're doing it, too. Fortunately, I don't suffer the "burden" of popularity (Playful Smirk) so I focus on the person I'm talking with. I actually wouldn't know what to do if I ever became popular in chat. I mean having one person to chat with is fantastic, even if there's two people online at once things get sticky. Errr NOT like that've been hanging out in the chatrooms too much again. (Wink)

Besides, most people in chat write brief one-liners or even a just send a smilie back instead of a response. So again, unfulfilling. Cyber is totally different but then I haven't done that in years.

So that's why I realized again today how thrilling and rewarding writing to someone feels. I set aside a good chunk of time just in case and then I just flow from one topic to the next...since I write stream-of-consciousness anyway. So it's almost like a conversation, certainly deeper than a normal one. And if someone doesn't write back for a day or two then it's not the same as sitting with your chat program open just hoping a certain person on your chat list shows up...and being disappointed when they don't. Life's full of disappointments, so I try not to set myself up to take a fall if I can help it. So I focus on writing messages & emails and hope for a good chat when the timing is right.

You've seen my writing in here, so you can just imagine what my messages look like. WOW! They get so huge sometimes. I can pack a lot of personal info & insights into a single message, topics I probably necessarily post in my Blog.

Someone wrote me back a nice long one, lots of great things to read and topics to respond to. That's always a good sign and generates a much better conversation. So much better than some of the old standard " ur male. C U in chat or not." I mean what the hell is that? Oh well, I should be grateful that I get any response at all, right? Some people just aren't comfortable behind a keyboard and I need to take that into account, too. (Grin)

The reason I'm telling you this is part of my Net-education so that you can see what signals you are and aren't sending to the other person. Just because these things commonly happen doesn't make them acceptable.

Take care, and better chatting/writing,

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