Fantasies Continued Fenway Edition  

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6/10/2006 3:50 pm

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Fantasies Continued Fenway Edition

Top of the ninth, Jeter has scored before the third out is registered. The game is now tied, Fenway is in an uproar, the fans are out for Bronx blood. I'm sitting in the stands enjoying my beer and the game. There is nothing better than a Sox/Yankees game on a hot summer day. I am psyched that I managed to score tickets.

I am surrounded by Sox fans, mostly men in this section, although I know that there are a multitude of female fans in the park too. To my right is a group of people obviously locals, I can tell by their accent. To my right is a man who appears to be alone, but very passionate about the game.

We have traded some comments about the players, how Manny is having a good season, and wasn't that a great effort by Trot. I have spent the down times of the game checking him out.

He is not a conventionally attractive man, chubby in a teddy bear kind of way, but I like my men to be real. He has a gotee, piercing blue eyes and a nice smile.

Mussina takes to the field and begins his warm up for the bottom of the ninth. It goes well, with two outs remaining Manny hits one over the green monster. The Sox have won.

The crowd is on its feet cheering and yelling in joy. People all around are hugging and kissing in the excitement of the last minute victory.

The next thing I know, the big teddy bear has swept me up into a joyful hug. I decide to seize the moment and lean in and kiss him. He seems surprised, but welcomes and returns the kiss. As we are kissing the crowds start to filter out of the park. He leans in and whispers a question. I knod and we start to head out of the stands.

We walk slowly, and as we walk, his hands roam along my back, caressing my butt, rubbing my shoulders, playing with my hair.

As we walk through the concession area towards an exit I see a quiet spot, that appears to be concealed from most of the crowd by an advertisement. I steer him towards it.

When we get behind the sign, I turn toward him and start to kiss him. The excitement of what we are doing already has me wet. We could be seen at any time.

He caresses my body, plays with my tits as he kisses me. I moan quietly with pleasure. I reach down and unbuckle his pants. I feel his hardness with his hands, it is the perfect size not too long, not too short, not too skinny not too thick, but just right. I stroke it and scrape my nails against it as he hauls my skirt up around my waist.

His hands pet my pussy and his fingers dip briefly against my wetness. He backs me up against the wall, lifts my legs and thrusts into me. I scream with excitement and he clamps his hand over my mouth so that we won't be discovered. I arch my body towards him as he thursts, it is so powerful it slams me against the wall. I lick and bite at his hand to be freed to let my noises out, but he does not let me. I feel the tension building, and building, and then release, I cum. Moments later he cums. He leans against me breathing heavily. I smile.

We separate, and straighten ourselves up. I kiss him and thank him for making my fantasy come true.
We part ways to go celebrate the victory in other ways.

liketotung 79M

6/10/2006 9:40 pm

II went to a Sox/Minnesota game last year....WHERE WERE YOU THEN!!!??? LOL......


6/12/2006 3:48 pm

All of these are great stories. Very detailed very hot. Heck only thing I might have changed is having Big Papi or Tek hit the homer LOL In all seriousness excellent(delicious)fantasies/stories. Thank you.

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