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Since I am very picky about my partners, I don't get sex nearly as often as I would like. However, I enjoy a very rich fantasy life, plus I love to write so I have decided that this forum is the best way to tell the world about all of my fantasies (most of which I will never be brave enough to live out). That being said, here goes. Enjoy!

It is 4:30, the last bell has rung and all of the students have left the building. In fact I am the only one left in the building and the only one crazy enough to stay this late on a Friday, but when you have work to be done...I am sitting at my desk grading papers. I am wearing my favorite black camisole, a mid thigh denim skirt, with my favorite lacy black bra and panty set. I have long since discarded the sweater that kept me warm all day. It is a little chilly in the room.

I shiver as I move on to the next paper. I hear footsteps and look up at the door to the room. Standing in the door way is the father of one of my students.

"Oh good, you are still here," he says. "I would like to talk to you about something important."

This is never a good way to start a conversation. Nervously I stand up and walk around the desk, noticing as I do so how muscular he is under his tee-shirt and jeans.

"Ok," I say as I smile and sit down on my desk. "What's up?"

"Well, I find that I have a big problem with you," he states as he saunters closer to my desk.

I absently look him over from head to toe, after all I don't get many opportunities to look at a handsome dark haired man while I am trying to work.

"Oh dear, please do tell me what it is and if it is in my power to do so I will fix it."

He walks closer to me, he is now standing inches from my legs as they dangle down the front of my desk.

"See I have this crush on my son's teacher." His son's teacher...but wait that is me.

I start to blush and begin to say that it is inappropriate and ask him to leave, even though I pleased about his crush. But before I can say anything, he leans in and kisses me.

The kiss starts out soft and slow, and I cant help but melt into it. I reach my hands up as if to push him away but they fall limply onto his shoulders. I can't help myself and I start to kiss him back. He deepens the kiss and steps forward that last little step, pushing my legs to the side just enough so that he can stand there. He puts his hand at the small of my back as I arch closer to him. His kiss is so passionate that I know I am damp and ready.

He breaks off the kiss and looks at me. I am speechless. He reaches down with his hands and slides them up my leg and under my skirt. I start to protest and he silences me with another passoinate kiss. He pushes my legs apart and begins to stroke me over my panties. At this point I have completely given up, I am moaning in pleasure, and starting to move against his hands. He breaks off the kiss and goes down onto his knees in front of me. I spread my legs as wide as they go for him, he pulls aside my panties and leans in. I shudder with pleasure the moment his tougue touches me. He licks me with slowly. His hands start wandering, one has gone to my butt while the other one creeps up and frees my breasts to be played with. He plays with my nipple and licks me at the same time, in the same rhythem. I am going mad. He increases the pace until I scream and cum. He looks up at me and smiles, with my wetness on his face.

He stands up and starts to undo his pants, I can see his cock straining to be released. He looks at me and asks if it is ok. I am still speechless and nod my head. He lets it out, I open for him again and he shoves it inside me. He just stands there for a second and kisses me and licks my breasts, he appears to be the picture of control.

Suddenly the control snaps and he starts pounding me, in and out, hard and fast. I am moaning and moving with him. He and I cum together. I sit there dazed. He pulls out and smiles at me. He gets dressed and then leaves. I cannot believe what I have just done...but it was so worth it. Needless to say, his son just earned an A.

(no this hasn't happened...I would be way to chicken to fuck at work...but it is a very nice fantasy!)

rm_verygood269 43M

6/7/2006 8:54 pm

Wow, wonderful story. The fantasy man was a very fortunate individual.

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