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3/27/2006 1:07 pm

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So i got tagged by Bucfannn and then softnlush tried to tag me too but i'm not listing 12 things and i'm not passing it on either..i think people are already sick of it lol.

6 wierd things...

1 i have yet to even attempt an oil change on my truck (or any car i've owned) but i've damn near disassembled my whole motorcycle.

2 i wont touch a tomato for any purpose aside from flinging it off of my other food. for some reason even the seeds with tomato goop on them gross me out.

3 yes, i really do act like a 12 year old most of the time.

4 If i like a tv show or movie i can watch it countless times but if i so much as think the title is stupid i wont give watching it a second thought.

5 I talk the way i type, stream of consciousness with lots of obscure references and i cant help it! Luckily at least a few people think its amusing.

6 i find coming up with even 6 things to say about myself incredibly hard! lol

rm_kellijo1169 48F
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3/28/2006 6:14 pm

Wierd things? Nah, it's just part of you....

1. Let the pro's work on the car. You can't even keep it clean, although the reasoning behind it makes sense.

2. Ever tried the part of the tomato that doesn't have the goop and seeds?

3. 12 sometimes... 9 or 10 most of the time

4. Yeah, well... Stupid is as stupid does.

5. And it's confusing to us not so smart people! lol!

6. What more would you like to know?

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