a minor update  

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10/3/2005 10:15 pm

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a minor update

Well i didnt wreck my truck yet, altho several drivers have offered to help.
I must say, driving in Atlanta SUCKS! My condolences if any of you wonderful readers are actually living here. Theres nothing quite like 6-8 lanes of highway, ONE way with people driving all over the place at no set speed.

I did finally get to see Serenity today, which was a small part of the plan coming up here. For those who dont know, Serenity is a...continuation if the Firefly series that was canceled from Fox back in 2002. I liked it, but i wont review it or spoil it. If you are a fan of the show, go see it.

Did some hiking, checked on my property in TN (yay no one moved in while i was away) and drove around a LOT. Everything is exactly where i left it. A neighbor guy to my property was yelling something at me that include the word "shoot" which made me slightly twitchy in redneck country...perhaps i should have identified myself, but fuck em, i was on my property

Thats all for now..good thing i brought the laptop, else i'd be really really bored....

ahhh SHIT the batteries just died on my mp3 player!
Oh no, i dont need the wall charger i'll just bring the car charger for the thing..like im gonna go sit in my car for an hour charging this damn thing at 1am..son of a bitch!

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