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entertain me...

One of those days... nothing to do, but unfortunately I'm not alone in the house and so can't entertain myself in the way I'd like. Time for a little bit of writing, perhaps...

I am awoken from my uncomfortable slumber, slumped sat on the box, head resting on the wall, by a hand on my chest, resting against the breast bone, rubbing, first gently then harder, moving to focus on my left breast, I look up but it’s still pitch black, I can only be sure I’m not imagining all this because I can hear heavy breathing from above me. I try to move backwards, but I’m leant against the wall already, when I try to pull away, my shoulders are grabbed and I’m banged against it, cracking my head and making me see stars, I’m almost thankful for the break in the monotonous darkness that the sparkling colours provide, I hear more noises from my assailant, and the hands leave me. Instead of the touching, I hear the noise of a zip being pulled down, and the jangle of a belt… trousers being pushed down, I gasp and try to close in on myself, I’m shaken again, and I can almost make out the shape of a face- the door to the tiny cell is open, and a little light is seeping in, not enough to see- but maybe the moon is out… maybe somewhere there is a window, and fresh, cool air. I try not to focus on my skirt, which is being pushed around my thighs, nor my underwear- which is ripped down, and kicked off, I’m manhandled- quite literally, down onto the floor, pushed into the gap between the box and the wall, and my hands are pulled roughly together and then shoved above my head, where a hand holds them tightly so that I can barely wriggle my body, my skirts are pushed up again, and the one free hand is trying to rip open my blouse, which he finally succeeds in, revealing my skin to the air; the rest of my underwear had been.. removed… earlier, a knee is pushing my legs apart roughly, I feel him brush between my legs and a shiver runs over my skin, making the hairs on my arms stand up and, I shudder to see- my nipples become pert, as though searching for the toucher… however, his hand is rubbing somewhere else, between my legs, he is practically kneading my clitoris; making me moan despite my self, I hear him make a gruff noise and a huge finger dips inside of me, I gasp, feeling each of his knuckles, the rough skin, a hint of a nail, pushing inside of me, rubbing at the walls of my vagina. I find my hips rocking slightly as my breathing speeds up, my chest rising and falling, the finger is joined with another, and I groan, breathing harder again, unsure of whether I’m moving because I want to get away, or because I want more, as another moan escapes my lips I think maybe it is the latter, and I begin to shake, shuddering, moaning, my whole body feels cold, and then hot, I suddenly feel very hot all over, my nipples are almost uncomfortably erect, I’m breathing so hard that I think my lungs might explode, I’m shuddering against the hand on my wrists, and it lets go, it comes down and begins rubbing my thighs, gently and harder as I rock into the touch, a thumb on my inner thigh, pressing, rubbing in time with the fingers inside me, the thumb on my clitoris sending huge shivers down my entire body, every breath is coming as a hoarse sort of groan, a higher-pitched moan, a little gasp, I’m moving my hips, pushing upwards, and I hate that I’m reacting like this- but I’m unable to stop, until suddenly the ecstatic feeling intensifies, and I feel like pure energy, all the way through me, tight in my chest, pure feeling, I shake uncontrollably, gasping, moaning, all of it becoming one uncontrolled noise, I push myself onto my elbows as best as I can, pushing, rocking onto the fingers, feeling full yet not full enough and then I fall backwards, gasping for breath, my body still shaking, and I feel so strange… I realise, with a small shock that I have just orgasmed… and I try to catch my breath, the fingers pull out of me, and I feel so empty without them… and he trails a wet, slightly sticky path up my stomach and around my nipple, massaging my breast again, before the hand comes up and around my back, holding my slight, shaking body against a large, slightly hairy chest, and I can feel my heart fluttering against the skin, my own unnaturally hot and slightly sweaty against the dry flesh of my... what… ? Did I dislike it? I know I didn’t… not my lover… merely my captor. As my breathing slows slightly, I hear him shushing me.

”Did you like that?” he whispers, in a low, deep voice, I don’t trust my own and so I merely gulp a lungful of air and, slightly nervously, I nod. “Do you want it again?” I don’t know if I do, so I don’t do anything, I give a sort of shrug, and he laughs, hand rubbing my breasts still, massaging them firmly, almost too firmly, rolling my nipples between thumb and forefinger.
“You’ll like this more,” he assures me, and I’m aware of something hard, firm, and very thick and long pressing into my stomach, I gasp and he guides my hand to his engorged cock. “Do you want to feel it?” he asks me, I shake my head, trying to pull my hand back, trying to escape back into the darkness, he holds onto me, gripping my wrist, and guides my hand down to it. The end is wet, and sticky, and it’s left a damp spot on my stomach, on my fingers.

“Grip it.” He tells me, and he closes my fingers around it, “And rub it... just gently... up and down…come on my little girl, be a good girl.” his hand guides mine, and he groans. “Oh, yeah… yeah… that’s good… you’re a really quick learner…” I feel myself blushing in the darkness, and I put my face into his chest, hoping he can’t see me, hoping no one will ever see me again, he gives a little laugh that rumbles through his chest, and I wonder if he can feel the heat of my face on his skin. His hand drops from mine, and I don’t know if I should still hold onto his cock.

“Just rub my balls,” he tells me, and I drop my hand slightly, until I find them, hot and round, “Roll them in your palm,” his whisper is rough, and I try to do as he says, he thrusts into my hand, and he groans, his cock rubbing on my stomach, leaving a trail of precum, he starts talking to me, “Oh, I’m thinking of how hot you are inside, how tight your little virgin pussy is gonna be, how I’m gonna make you moan and beg for more, yeah…” he licks his lips and takes a deep breath.

“let go,” it’s almost an order, and he pushes a knee between my legs again and I gulp, taking this to be what he meant when he said I would enjoy this. I close my eyes and open my legs, hoping that if I comply it will not be , and that if I don’t fight him, he won’t be hard with me.

He lifts my hips slightly, and I hear him breathing heavily as he lines up his groin with mine, lying himself down between my legs, practically nestling against me. I can see the outline of his head look up, a hand covers my mouth, and instantly I struggle against him, whatever he’s going to do will obviously not be painless, and I don’t want it… I don’t want this. I certainly don’t want this here.
“Shut up,” I wasn’t talking… “Stay still, or it’ll be worse. Stay still and you might enjoy it.” I practically pout beneath his fingers, and I feel my forehead creasing in fear, and, I suppose, a resigned sort of sadness; so this will be my first time.
He smiles, I suppose, and he writhes his hips, until I feel a pressure between my legs, I practically start tingling at the touch, still hypersensitive from my recent orgasm, but terrified of what this will be like. I try to ask him, tell him no but the hand across my mouth stop the words, I can hardly breathe, but I try and struggle, twisting under him, he slaps me across the face and I’m still, my cheek burning. He resumes his movements, his touching.

“This’ll be a short one after your careful ministrations,” he says and laughs gruffly as he fumbles around, using a hand to help guide his cock to my vagina, I feel him pushing against my opening, one hand holding open the lips of my pussy, slick with my own juices and slide in, it hurts, it really hurts in fact, but I try to remind myself that it could have been much worse if he hadn’t prepared me so carefully. He grunts as he slips into my opening, staying still for a moment, as if waiting for us both to acclimatise to this new feeling. It feels… strange, but not bad, and I shift very slightly, trying to get a little more comfortable on the hard floor, I suppose I clench my muscles slightly, because he gives an appreciative little moan and whispers,
“eager little whore aren’t you,” before pulling out slightly and thrusting back in again, I can feel his cock, so much bigger than his fingers, pushing inside of me, and it hurts, stretching, contracting, he’s going slowly, gently, but I can tell it’s taking him a lot of self control and, soon enough, his rhythm speeds up as he pummels into me, harder and harder, grinding upwards and downwards, and I find my hips moving slightly so that with every time he pulls out slightly he presses harder against my clitoris and I shudder, I can’t believe I’m trying to make this ok.. I can’t believe I’m participating. He pounds his cock into my pussy until I’m moaning, not from pleasure, but pain, I can’t help a moaning-scream, and I feel suddenly far too young, too small, too tight to be treated this way. But this inexperience seems to be what he’s enjoying because, as he fucks me I can hear him speaking, “god, you’re so tight, you’re so fucking tight, you’re such a good little whore, such a good little girl…” I feel sickened by this, yet at the same time, slightly excited and I move my hips again, he seems to like this and I find my self matching a rhythm with him, rising, falling as he beats against me, skin slapping on skin and twin groans, moans and heavy breathing until finally, he shivers, convulses and cums inside of me, I can feel It, like an explosion inside of my pussy so that I’m filled with a sticky wetness which makes me feel so full and hot and even though I didn’t cum again, I’m panting, hot and sweaty. He pulls out of me, making me shiver slightly, and he sits back, letting the cool air from the door blow over my sweat-slicked skin, I shiver, my entire body highly receptive to the chill air, nipples and hair standing up. He looks at me as he tucks his cock back into his trousers.

“So fucking beautiful,” he whispers, apparently referring to me, although I find this hard to believe as I am lying on my back, panting for breath, hair slicked with sweat, my legs splashed with cum and some of the juices from my pussy, legs still splayed open and I feel bruised all over. He does up his zip and puts his hand on my pussy, “You’re so hot,” he whispers, “You’re so hot all over,” he puts his finger inside of me again, swirling it around, “You’re on fire…” he rubs me again, leaning down and putting kisses on my thighs and then my clitoris, licking, sucking until I shudder, shake and come again, much quicker than before, he leans forward and I tense and he pushes a kiss onto my lips, forcing them open so that I taste both of us on my tongue, he replaces his mouth with his fingers, putting them into my mouth, “lick,” he orders, and I do, tasting something salty which I realise is his cum, his hand trails saliva down my stomach and between my legs. He is, I realise, feeding me his cum in fingerfuls, until he thinks I’m had enough and touches my breasts a little bit, sitting next to me.
“Sit up.” I do, shakily, pulling my tattered clothes around me a little. “Leave your shirt open, I didn’t tell you to touch that.” I look up at him, fear showing on my face, and he looks at me.
“Come sit on my lap.” I shift, rising up slightly until I’m on his lap, “lean against me, come on.” I lean back, and his left hand massages my breast and his right my pussy.
“You,” he says, “are mine, you’re my little girl. Understand?” I nod. “So you will call me daddy, because you’re my girl. Understand?” I nod again. “If anyone else tries to touch you, you tell them daddy will be very angry with them. Understand?” I nod again, wondering why anyone would listen to me and he gives me a little shake, his hand between my legs pushing a little harder, “No,” he says, “What do you say?”
“I… I understand,” I say, shakily.
“Who do you understand?”
“You. I understand you.”
“Don’t be afraid of me baby… who am I?”
“You’re... you’re my daddy.”
“So what do you say?”
“I understand, daddy.”
“Good girl.” As if as a reward, his finger rubs my clitoris and he kisses me hard on the mouth so that I gasp against his lips, he seems to like that because he smiles and nuzzles against my hair, whispering “Good girl, now… if you’re good with me again tomorrow maybe daddy can take you outside…but only if you’re good, do you promise you’ll be good?” I know his game and so I nod and say,
“I promise daddy.”
“Such a good girl. Now, go to sleep, daddy will see you again in the morning, and maybe we can take you somewhere nicer, huh? Daddy doesn’t like his little girl living like an animal, you’re my little baby girl, and I’m going to take care of you, and you’re going to take care of me, huh?” as he spoke his fingers, his whole hand, moved harder and faster between my legs, until I felt like I was turning to liquid in his hands, and could barely say “yes, yes daddy, yes, oh, oh, daddy, please, please-” as he made me ride on the very edge of an orgasm, stopping just as I felt it coming.
“Good girl.” And he pushed me, very gently onto the floor, so that I landed on my bottom with a little “oh!” he laughed, “Careful, don’t hurt yourself.” And he stood up, ducking out of the door and locking it after him, leaving me feeling empty and unsatisfied, so much so that I felt I had no choice but to trail my hand between my legs and finish myself off, rubbing and pushing just like he had and I came, whispering to myself “oh daddy, yes daddy… yes please…. Oh, daddy…” before flopping backwards, hand still nestled against my pubic bone, feeling more exhausted and sated than I ever had before.

rm_JamieMac007 31M
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7/22/2006 8:00 am

Wow you sure can write alot!! I live in swanage btw and you seem nice. I havent posted a pic on my profile. send me a email and i'll send you a pic! what do ya say? x

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8/5/2006 3:04 am

I agree you can write well. I wish I was the daddy in the above story as you are one hot little girl.

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