The Gate of Heaven  

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The Gate of Heaven

The Gate of Heaven

As we sat there, I could not help but look into Jessica’s gorgeous blue eyes and wonder if she was thinking what I was thinking. We saw it in each other’s faces, but we needed to find a more private place to do it. So we quickly hurried out of the coffee shop and headed for my truck, the truck cab unfortunately was too small to do what we wanted to do. We quickly drove down the main highway until we came across the old dirt road that we had traveled down a dozen times together. Jessica started massaging her clit with one hand, while stroking my cock threw my pants with the other. By the time we had gotten to the secluded site in the woods we could not wait until we laid down the blankets in the back of the truck bed, we simply jumped out of the cab and into the back. Jessica grabbed me and could not get me shirt off quick enough. She started sucking and biting my nipples, I tried getting her shirt off, but she was far too busy with my chest.

Eventually I just lifted her up and put her on her back, she knew what was coming next. She slide her hands under her shirt while I slide her pants off, she was wearing the black pair I liked so much. I slide my hands up and down her legs massaging every inch of them I could. Then I started slowly kissing her inner thighs and massaging her ass. I knew she loved being teased but could not take it for very long. She started moaning and telling me to hurry up or she was going to do it herself, I slide my hands down to her panties and pushed them to the side. No matter how many times I saw it, it always put a smile on my face. I gave it a quick tease with my finger, only sticking the tip of it in slowly massaging the clit with my thumb. She started moaning louder and getting wetter, so I knew I should get down there soon. I slowly slide off her panties with the left hand, while my right kept working at her. She had her shirt off by this point and was unhooking her matching black bra, leaning down I gave her a few flicks with my tongue while she started rolling her nipples between her thumb and index finger. Then as the flicks became long licks the rolling became squeezing and her breathing became heavier and heavier. I knew she was getting closer, she started squeezing my head with her thighs as I started sucking on her clit she just arched her back and tensed up and screamed. Since we were so deep in the woods it did not matter how loud we got nobody could hear her scream, except me of course.

This got me instantly hard as rock, as I cleaned her up I could feel her little after shocks she gets. As I stood to my knees she knew what I wanted done, she quickly unzipped my pants and pulled my throbbing cock out. She licked up the side first, then tickled the tip of it with her tongue and getting a nice taste of the precum that was oozing from the end. She licked her lips and smiled that gorgeous smile and took the whole thing into her mouth. I could just feel the warmth of her mouth engulf my cock and her tongue playing with the base and the tip as she went up and down. I just ran my hands threw her thick red hair as she went at it twisting and turning. I could feel myself starting to loose control as I fucked her mouth and felt myself slide down her throat over and over without the slightest gag reflex. The feeling was overwhelming and I felt my balls tighten up, she felt my cock start throbbing inside of her throat, she pulled it out and started stroking it hard and fast, she aimed it at her face. The first stream landed in her hair and across the right side of her face the second shot landed just under her eye at that point she started sucking on the tip and the rest was drained by those soft silky lips.

We both had a few minutes to rest and had a chance to lay out the usual blankets we used in the back of the truck. We lay there petting each other, kissing and rubbing. At this point she asked for a massage, so as she lay between my legs I started rubbing her lower back working my way up slowly, she lay back and kissed me, at this point I had started to massage her breasts. I slowly worked my way down her tummy all the while kissing her and massaging her, lead by the heat she was putting off I finally found the prize and got right into massaging it. After about a minute of this she had had enough and decided to get into her favorite position which was holding the tailgate of the truck which both hands bracing herself. Jessica wanted it so bad after the massage she pulled me by the cock right over top of her. Sliding it in slowly she started to moan, grabbing her hips I slowly worked my way in, then quickened up the pace. Her breasts were just dangling there, so I felt obligated to get back to massaging them, I knew she loved the sensation of me fucking her and massaging her breasts. As soon as I started she started moaning, her moaning kept getting louder and louder. Soon she was bucking against my cock really hard and if I did not know better trying to break the tailgate. I felt her tense up and squeeze my cock with her pussy as soon as I felt her go I came quickly after, she quickly turned around as soon as she started to feel me go and took a shot on her dangling tits while trying to get the cock in her mouth she took another shot into her hair. Finally getting in there she massaged my balls with one hand and kept her balance with the other. She was still quivering from her gate of heaven.

As I lay back, she kept my cock in her mouth sucking it to life, the one thing she liked about me more than the others was my stamina, knowing if she kept sucking I would be ready to go in less than two minutes. As usual she was right, standing there fully erect after about a minute and a half of sucking. Still sore from the last time, she knew I did not want to get up, so she helped me out by sitting on top this time. Slowly seeing my cock disappear and reappear in and out of her go me back into it, the soreness disappeared, she leaned forward to kiss me but instead hit me in the face with her breasts. She got a quick giggle out of it, but when I started cupping them and sucking on them, her giggle quickly turned to low quite moan, she started licking her lips feeling the sensation of a tongue and a cock at the same time, starting in with the moaning again. But I stopped sucking on her nipples long enough for her to notice. Diving down and sticking her tongue into my mouth she continued to moan and as I flipped her onto her back and kept pounding the hell out of her, she finally broke the kiss and started screaming. She could not contain herself, feeling her juices pouring out all over my cock sent a pleasure shiver down my spin. This being my third time in the last two hours or so, I was not even close to done and with a huge smile she knew it. Slowing down as to not wear myself out, she lay there with her eyes closed and a grin on her face, tilting her head back and licking her lips. After about 20 minutes of this, I flipped her over and laid on my back with her on top breasts to the sky, I slowly massaged them continually fucking her and kissing her neck. She started to tense up, I stopped dead and told her not yet. She nodded and again we went back to fucking, except this time the pace had quickened and as I could hear the slapping of skin I could feel her start to loose control, I could hear her start moaning louder, then she started to scream. As she started screaming I felt that familiar sensation in my balls, I knew I could not stop it now. So I quickened the pace even more and as I felt her juices flowing and mine as well. I slammed as deep as I could into her and held it in all I heard was a deep loud moan I was not sure if it was her or me or both. But I stayed inside her for about twenty minutes after we collapsed, just playing with her and her with me. Eventually after a few more times with the tailgate we got dressed, packed up the truck and headed back down that dirt path. But we knew we would be going down it again soon enough. On the way back to drop her off at the coffee shop, she commented about how she enjoyed out little camping trips and asked if we could have them more often. I jokingly said no and slapped her ass, she giggled and kissed me goodbye. Watching that ass leave was one of the saddest days of my life, but I knew we would be back for more of each other.

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Hey guy that was very awesome. Good job it was worth reading for sure. I really enjoyed that alot thats for letting us know about it on the advice line. Hope you plan on writing more as hot as that one.. Good luck on your erotic stories.

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