There are real woman out there  

rm_Mike0000077 52M
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7/22/2006 2:20 pm
There are real woman out there

An this one was anventerous. Neither of us knew what was going to happen. We setup a meeting in the park. We met in this back corner. there were still alot of people around. We kissed and talked for a few minutes and then we moved over to my truck and the tinted windows.
Once inside we started with a few kisses and I started carressing her breasts. I found her nipples and started rolling one at a time in my fingers. the moans started and the kisses got more intense and deeper. her hand began rubbing the outside of my pants over my hard stiff cock.

I went to move my hand further down and she blocked me. She wanted to see this large lump in my pants. when the belt was undone and the pants were removed this massive swollen piece of meat sprang forth and exposed itself.

she started sucking on it and going further down. I was rubbing her back enjoying the moment. My hand slid down her pants. first it found her anus and began playing there. the motions on my dick increased then after a few minutes my hand found her clit and began playing with it.
It got to intense for her and she stopped sucking on my cock and satup slightly bent over because of the truck and I continued until she had an orgasm on my hand.
Then we changed positions and she laaid down on the seat and I entered her from the front. It wasnt long after that when she had the second one and I pulled out as I blew my load all over her belly.

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