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10/4/2005 6:29 pm

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Gotta love it when someone sends a nice text, love ya, or hey hun love ya too...BUT, BUT from a local bar I went too a while back propsitioned me as she always has in fun, and I said "ok," so she sent back, "Really?" then I said "Sure," then I recanted by adding let me re think this over...she is cool, but I still dont know if I am ready to just fuck to fuck.

Thats why I am on here, to find out if this is for me or far, UNDECIDED!

NOTE: Ker wants to have one last night together, before we decide to part ways for the 30th time. at least this time she's listening to the honest truth about what we both want, insted of trying to change me. Example wanting two kids I dont ect....

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