The bitch hit me with my own car!  

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1/21/2006 1:55 pm

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The bitch hit me with my own car!

Holy shit, what a crazy week! I won't say that I didn't deserve it, but when it rains it pours.

My car was stolen by my ex husband on Thursday night...which just so happened to have damn near every piece of laundry I own inside!!!!

Come to find out, he is dealing with a hardcore drug addiction. roomie did the courtesy of driving my ass around to look for my car. We combed the city on Thursday with no luck.

Friday, we venture out to do the same before I had to be into work. I decided that maybe we should check the seedy hotels way out on 27th street, knowing he has no where else to go. No such luck, but my stomach felt twisted...and for good reason.

Heading back home to Bay View, I spot my car sitting at a light about to turn into the same direction we were heading. Rhonda sped ahead to a gas station so to turn around and get behind it. Well, by the time we pull around I have just enough time to see my ex husband as the passenger and his ex girl driving my car!!! So what do I do?

Apparently I have watched too many reruns of the Dukes of Hazard. I jump out of my roomie's car and attempt to pull her out of mine...all while in mid day traffic. She hits me with my car, my phone gets smashed in the road....but I grab on to the hood and hang on for dear life. We pull into the gas station where I finally slid off and jumped back into Rhonda's car.

We get into a high speed chase through some quiet neighborhood. I see my ex husband bail out of the passenger door at about 35 mph. We keep chasing my car. The woman finally hits a dead end.

The cops were called and showed up right as I was dealing out a tall ass whooping on this chick. I get cited for disorderly conduct, since she didn't want to press charges. Then I drove off in my car so I could get to work. What a day.

None of my laundry was in the car. Who in the hell knows where it is. I am just glad to have the car back I guess. I would love to catch that fucker and put him back in prison where he belongs.

I will be able to breathe, what a lesson learned.

XXuniquelymeXX 47F

1/21/2006 7:43 pm

Holy shit is right!! That is an amazing story. I've read the last few of your blogs now and I have to tell you; your articulation is wonderful! I very much enjoyed reading...

Okay, email me a PO Box or something. I have lots of clothes you can have!!

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